Facebook Ads Landing Pages — How to Reach the Best Conversion Rates

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Do you want to increase your conversion rates from Facebook ad campaigns when they’re already optimized to the best possible state?

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Discover what a Facebook landing page is and why it’s important to have one for your Facebook business page.

We’ll also show you how to use it to drive more conversions, grow your email list, and more.

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1. What is a Facebook Ad landing page?

systeme.io’s landing page builder

systeme.io’s landing page builder

A landing page is a web page that serves a specific objective — it’s the page you direct web traffic to land on.

A Facebook Ad landing page is a web page that you direct traffic to from your Facebook advertising campaigns.

More specifically, it’s designed to capture traffic coming in from a pay-per-click Facebook advertising campaign.

2. Benefits of having a landing page for Facebook Ads

You’ve gone through the process of researching your buyer personas, and learning the ropes of Facebook’s Ads engine — now launch day is coming up.

Why should your Facebook landing page be as sharp as possible?

1. A better landing page = Better conversions

Traffic is coming in from your Facebook ads and users are interested and looking to make a purchase decision on your products or services.

Optimizing the different variables that go into your Facebook landing page is essential to:

  • Create a user-based buying experience
  • Measure crucial KPIs for your business goals (more on this bit later)
  • Discover new information about your target audience
  • Improve your overall conversions rate

For example, you’ll want to pay close attention to having a consistent tone between the ad that users clicked on and the landing page.

If someone wanted to check an advertised product on the ad and was referred to your store’s homepage, then that’s probably one less sale for you.

A landing page has the power to make or break all of your Facebook advertising efforts.

2. Direct traffic into sales funnels

You may already know what a sales funnel is, but just for good measure, it’s a standard that represents the journey users take before becoming paying customers.

Generally speaking, your landing page is the first step a user interacts with after an ad click on a Facebook newsfeed.

And that makes it the perfect point to start your custom sales funnel.

You can point different segments of your audience to different sales funnels to experiment with different products or different variations of the same product.

Your Facebook landing page could actually be the first step of different sales funnels, which will help you:

  • Qualify interested leads
  • Convert visitors to paying customers
  • Create an easy product-testing environment to see what sells

3. Grow your email list

Probably one of the key reasons a landing page is so effective is that it can capture the email information of prospects.

This will grow your email list — essentially these emails are contact details of users who are interested in your brand and what you’re offering.

Your Facebook landing page will be instrumental in your email marketing efforts.

And if you think email marketing isn’t worth it, you couldn’t be more wrong — email marketing has an ROI of $42 - $1.

That means you can get 42 times the amount you put into your email marketing campaigns.

If you’re not doing it already, you’re losing sales without knowing it, so check out this complete email marketing guide to grab all the ropes quickly.

3. How to create landing pages for a Facebook Ad campaign with systeme.io

systeme.io’s sales funnel dashboard

systeme.io’s sales funnel dashboard

To go through the process of creating and optimizing a Facebook landing page for ads, we will be using systeme.io.



  • It’s free to use — Our Free plan is free forever, so you have loads of time to practice
  • It’s easy to implement — No technical knowledge is required
  • Powerful functionality — You can use what you create for all kinds of marketing for your Facebook business ads

So while you’re at it, why don’t you go sign up for free in under 30 seconds and follow along?

3.1. Creating a landing page within an existing website

Systeme.io makes it a breeze for you to create a high-converting Facebook landing page no matter whether you already have a website or not.

If you have a website, you’ll integrate a subdomain into systeme.io, and that will allow you to use our landing page builder into a subdomain of your brand, i.e. sales.mydomain.com

If you don’t have a website, it’s even easier as there’s no integration step required — you’ll be able to use the landing page builder right away.

3.2. Creating a landing page without having a website (using systeme.io’s landing page builder)

You can easily authenticate your personal domain name if you have one.

If you don’t have a personal domain address, you can do one of the following:

  • Purchase one through systeme.io — You can get one or more for free when signing up for any plan
  • Use the systeme.io domain as the main domain for your sales

Using the drag-and-drop builder to build your Facebook landing pages is as easy as it gets.

Simply follow these steps:

  • Go to your sales funnel tab on your main dashboard, create a new funnel, and choose which type you’re going to build on

Note that you can only build webinars from our Webinar plan and up.

systeme.io’s sales funnel dashboard

systeme.io’s sales funnel dashboard

  • You’ll be presented with optimized steps based on your selection

Your Facebook landing page is usually either a sales page or a squeeze page, so start with one of those

Choosing the type of landing page in systeme.io

Choosing the type of landing page in systeme.io

  • Then choose your template
systeme.io’s page templates

systeme.io’s page templates

  • And then start building your Ads landing page by clicking the edit (magic wand) button, it’s that easy!
systeme.io’s sales funnel dashboard

systeme.io’s sales funnel dashboard

Are you worried about what checkout page you’re going to use? How you’re going to get your money? How to track your conversions and other metrics?

Relax, systeme.io has you covered — it’s as easy as integrating your PayPal or Stripe accounts like in the picture below:

Adding a payment plan to your funnel

Adding a payment plan to your funnel

After that, you can pretty much track everything with a push of a button in your funnel’s stats area:

Stats dashboard for sales funnels in systeme.io

Stats dashboard for sales funnels in systeme.io

Plus, you can check out our YouTube playlist to get tutorials on everything, or simply contact our 24/7 support team — they'll respond within 2 hours and help you every step of the way.

4. How to improve your Facebook landing pages (with examples)

When creating a landing page for Facebook Ads, you have a lot of ground to cover to be on top of everything.

Different tactics and aspects of your page could make or break the success of your Facebook ad campaign.

You should account for copywriting, helpful media content, and clear CTAs.

4.1. Copywriting

Source: Digitalmarketer.com

Source: Digitalmarketer.com

Copywriting is writing a copy with the intent of making the audience do a certain action.

It can get sophisticated when trying to drive your website visitors to push a button through each sentence they read.

But if you pull it off, this will mean you’ll have a high-converting landing page for users coming in from your Facebook advertisements.

Say, someone clicked on your ad, got interested, and then the more they read, the more they think to themselves: I actually need this!

That’s the power of copywriting — if you garner user intent to buy something, you’re probably going to make a sale out of them.

To exactly do that for your Facebook landing page, focus on:

  • A clear value proposition — Keep it consistent with what they’ve seen in your ad
  • Clear font and writing — Be presentable, easy-going, and to the point
  • Benefits over features — Talk about how users can utilize what you’re offering
  • Give them more than they expected — A free trial offer or a surprise coupon can go a long way in compelling them to make a purchase
  • Focus their intent on 1 thing — Buying your products or services

Make sure you read our copywriting guide to have your landing pages looking sharp for all that ad traffic coming your way on launch day.

4.2. Helpful images and videos

Source: Foodbabe.com

Source: Foodbabe.com

It’s important to have your products and services on full display on your Facebook landing page.

People trust a product more when they see someone else using it, they also get to experience it from afar and weigh their options of purchasing.

So give yourself the best chance to capture prospects coming in from ads by:

  • Showing screenshots or videos of testimonials to build social proof
  • Presenting videos yourself explaining how to use the product or service you’re offering
  • Displaying the best pictures of your products or services
  • Optimizing images and videos for mobile users
  • Adding alt text to your images so that if an image doesn’t load for whatever reason, a text description of it will, helping users better understand what was there

4.3. Strong CTAs

Source: MariSmith.com

Your CTA or call-to-action button is the final step for your prospects before they head to the checkout process — or go back to endless scrolling.

You want your call-to-action buttons to:

  • Stand out from the crowd

Have your CTAs in a different color scheme, a bigger font if needed, and optimized for a mobile view as well.

The goal is to make it easy to be seen, and easy to get clicked on.

  • Use strong, actionable language

Be direct, no bluff — “Buy Now” or “Shop Now” is the kind of language you should be going for.

You already have their interest, there’s no need to play soft. This will focus their minds on the next step.

  • Have pricing numbers close if possible

This will help make it clear for leads how much money they’re going to pay, with no hidden costs, and no gotchas.

Implementing this will help boost ad performance.

5. How to optimize your landing page for Facebook Ads

Now that you’ve created a great Facebook landing page, it’s time to take it to the next level with optimization strategies that target your Facebook ad traffic.

5.1. The Meta pixel (formerly Facebook pixel)

This is one of the most annoying tasks for people starting to build their own landing pages, mostly because there’s no formal way to do it on an external website.

And not to mention, not knowing how many Meta pixels you should add to the same website doesn’t make it any easier.

Luckily, with systeme.io, you can easily add your Facebook pixel to your landing page.

Just go to your page editor and:

  • Click on "Page Settings"
  • Paste your Facebook pixel into the "Header Code" box
  • Click "Save" and you’re done!

We should note that Meta pixels are on a downward slope after Apple’s privacy changes in 2021, so don’t be surprised if they become less and less relevant in your marketing strategy.

5.2. Sign-up forms

A very easy and effective way to build your email list is to include sign-up forms before letting users access digital products, like courses and webinars.

It could even work for physical products as well if you offer coupons and discounts for signing up before purchasing.

In other words, they’re an incredible strategy to capture your Facebook audience.

Facebook users coming in from your ads can sign up and get a discount on your landing page.

To set this up, follow this simple 3-step formula in your sales funnels builder:

1. Create a squeeze page step — This is the main landing page

systeme.io’s landing page builder

systeme.io’s landing page builder

Users who sign up on the squeeze page will be redirected to a special payment page where the discount applies, you can set this up in the automation rules section.

2. Create an order form step — This is the normal checkout page

Users who don’t sign up get directed to this step and complete checkout normally.

3. Create a “Thank You” page

Users are redirected to a “Thank You” page after purchasing, whether or not they signed up to your mailing list.

For this to work, you must have your products listed on systeme.io and not on external sites.

5.3. Split testing

Split testing or A/B testing is a proven marketing tactic to increase conversions.

In the simplest form, it’s comparing two identical web pages with one variation between them to see which one performs better.

For example, you use a different headline and see how that affects your stats, maybe a few different images, or a new description for the same product.

It’s all in the name of perfecting your sales process to get the most conversions.

Since your Facebook landing page will capture all the traffic coming in from your paid ads, this step is crucial to better your overall ROI.

Systeme.io has made it super easy to split test your landing pages, simply:

  • Create two variations of your landing page and a goal page
Tactics for coaches to grow email lists

systeme.io’s landing page builder

  • Click on the A/B test tab
systeme.io’s landing page builder

systeme.io’s landing page builder

  • Choose the two variations
systeme.io’s landing page builder

systeme.io’s landing page builder

  • Start the split test
systeme.io’s landing page builder

systeme.io’s landing page builder

And don’t forget, our amazing support team is there for you 24/7 to answer any of your inquiries in under 2 hours.

5.4. Daily KPI monitoring

Key performance indicators are metrics that will tell you how healthy your Facebook Ads landing pages are, how much you’re growing, and whether or not you’re on the right track.

For any focused Facebook landing page, here are a few KPIs to keep an eye on:

  • Sales conversion rates

This one gives an immediate impact on your business and measures the quality of your dedicated landing page.

If there’s a lot of traffic coming in from your Facebook ads, but you have way lower sales conversions than expected, then this means either of the 2:

1. Your product or service is subpar — Which is unlikely because they probably gathered enough info from your ad already

2. Your landing page design is flawed — The more likely reason

So keep split testing to see what’s bringing your conversions down, eliminate it, and reach an optimal sales conversion rate.

  • Opt-in rate

The opt-in rate is quite overlooked by many but it’s actually so important to monitor.


Because it shows you how much Facebook users are loving your product or service, and that they’re going the extra mile to sign up before or after purchasing.

This means that the more the opt-in rate goes up, the more customer loyalty you build.

  • Cart abandonment rate

Around 80% of online shoppers abandon their cart before finishing purchasing — that’s 80% of your ad spend going to waste.

And there are multiple reasons for that scary number to be the average, the main ones are:

  • Unexpected shopping fees
  • Security concerns
  • Too much clutter and not being able to edit the cart easily
  • Lack of payment options
  • Unexpected shipping periods

You can anticipate this by taking measures on your landing page to be as transparent with details as possible.

You can also provide a sense of security by displaying secure payment icons at the bottom of your landing page.

And remember to always split test other pages to maximize results.

5.5. Installing visual reporters

Visual reporters are tools that you can install on any page and it’s considered one of the best landing page practices.

Simply because they allow you to gather data on your campaign's traffic — you can use this user data to build the right landing page for your visitors.

In our case, they’ll help you create Facebook landing pages for traffic specifically coming from your Facebook campaigns.

There are 2 common visual reporters to use:

  • Heatmaps
  • User video recordings

We explore both in our Hotjar review so don’t miss out on that one!

5.6. Stay in line with Facebook Ads’ policies

Facebook is an advertising platform that has rules in its policy that everyone should abide by to avoid getting locked out of their ad manager or worse — getting your advertising account deleted.

So here’s what Facebook advertisers should keep an eye on for any Facebook Ads landing page — your landing page:

  • Is not under construction and doesn’t show any errors
  • Doesn’t have any kind of pop-ups on arrival or exit
  • Has the Meta pixel (formerly known as the Facebook pixel)
  • Doesn’t include any content that’s banned on Facebook
  • Doesn’t have auto-downloads or any malware or spyware

6. Systeme.io — A great all-in-one landing page builder

systeme.io logo

systeme.io logo

You already took a glimpse at our landing page builder and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

You can build, split test, scale, and monitor your landing pages all from one place, and that’s the beauty of systeme.io.

The best part? We don’t break the bank.

6.1. Pricing

 systeme.io’s pricing plans

systeme.io’s pricing plans

All of our plans - including the free one - give you access to landing page templates and the landing page builder.

Here are our plans:

  • Free plan — $0/month
  • Startup plan — $27/month
  • Webinar plan — $47/month
  • Unlimited plan — $97/month

7. FAQs

Got questions? We’ve got answers.

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about landing pages for Facebook Ads.

7.1. What's the average conversion rate for Facebook Ads landing pages?

We couldn’t pinpoint an exact average conversion rate for Facebook Ad landing pages, but we’ve found this data:

  • The average conversion rate for landing pages is 2.35%
  • If your conversion rate is higher than 5%, you’re already in the top 25% of advertisers

7.2. Are redirects allowed in Facebook Ads?

This one is clear in Facebook’s policy.

Redirects aren’t allowed to Facebook landing pages, and in case they’re detected, Facebook will:

  • Deactivate all ad campaigns
  • Block the advertising account

7.3. What's the difference between landing page views and link clicks?

Link clicks are measured by how many users have clicked on your ad.

Landing page views are how many users that clicked on the ad actually “landed” on the landing page URL.

They are usually different because the landing page might take too long to load after a click, the same user clicks on the ad multiple times, or maybe a user accidentally clicks on the ad and leaves again.

7.4. What is a Facebook Ads quality score and how do landing pages affect it?

Quality score is a metric used for all ad platforms to determine how relevant their ads are — for Facebook, it’s called Ad Relevance Diagnostics.

To have landing pages contribute to a good quality score, they should:

  • Match your ad branding
  • Contain appropriate and relevant content to the ad
  • Abide by Facebook’s ad policy for landing pages
  • Contain multiple CTAs

For example, here’s a Facebook ad by Molekule:

 Molekule Facebook Ad

Molekule Facebook Ad

And here’s the landing page for that ad:

 Molekule Facebook ad landing page

Molekule Facebook ad landing page

8. Conclusion

Reaching the end of our post, we can summarize what we’ve learned today:

  • Your Facebook Ads landing page could make or break your ad campaign
  • Creating and optimizing your Facebook landing page is very easy and free with systeme.io
  • You need to start split testing your Facebook landing pages to reach optimal conversion rates
  • Landing pages are awesome to capture prospects coming from lead ads
  • There are rules your landing pages for Facebook Ads should follow
  • Having a sound structure and good copywriting is key to the success of your Facebook landing page

Don’t forget to sign up to systeme.io and try everything we’ve discussed in this post, for free.


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