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You’ve read the title, you know what you’re in for — In the next 60 minutes, you’ll have an effective lead magnet landing page if you’re willing to take action.

Here’s how we’re going to do it:

1. Getting the foundation right — we’ll address everything you need to know, including different types of lead magnets you can use and more

2. Building your landing page — we’ll discuss how you can exactly create an effective lead magnet landing page that converts

3. Avoiding pitfalls — we’ll show you what to avoid when building landing pages

4. Up to the level of pros — figure out how you can optimize your lead magnet landing page to the maximum

Oh, and you don’t have to pay a penny, because the tool we’ll utilize in this post can be used for free ;-)

Are you on board?

Awesome, let’s get you that page!

What is a lead magnet landing page?

What is a lead magnet landing page

First things first, we have 2 components that we need to define here:

1. Lead magnet: Simply put, it’s a free item or service that you provide to prospects in exchange for their contact details

2. Landing page: A page on your website where people land after clicking on an ad or piece of content marketing. Its goal is to turn that traffic into leads and keep them interested in your business.

While a normal landing page can sit anywhere in a marketing funnel — lead magnet landing pages usually sit on top of your marketing funnel.

What is the importance of a lead magnet landing page?

Lead Magnet Stats

According to a study conducted by GMP, landing pages' average conversion rate sits at 9.7%, and the email marketing channel is performing best at 13% — which is a surprise to basically no one in the marketing world.

If you don’t know, email marketing has an insane ROI of $42 for each $1 spent.

So, if you want better conversions, better sales, and better revenue, email marketing is the way to go, and the first step in pursuing it is lead generation.

This is exactly where a lead magnet landing page comes in — it helps you get any potential customer’s email address so you can begin including them in your email marketing efforts.

So before everything else, and before building your lead magnet landing page — you’ll need to get your lead magnet ready, and it better be a good one!

6 Lead magnet examples and what makes them effective

If you don’t already have a lead magnet, don’t worry — there are quite a few you can choose from, and some could already be within your grasp.

Here’s a neat list of 6 great lead magnets that you can utilize on landing pages for maximum conversion rates:

1. Case study — provide potential customers with in-depth data based on real events that can help solve their problems

Case Study as a lead magnet example

2. Free audit — A free audit or consultation is a great lead magnet example that converts website visitors to leads since it builds unique relationships with prospects

Free consultation as a lead magnet

3. Membership site — Increase your email opt-ins with a membership site that offers benefits like exclusive content, special discounts, and more

Free membership lead magnet

4. Gated blog post — Offer access to gated blog content in exchange for a visitor’s email address

Gated blog post as a lead magent


5. Webinar — A great way to share additional resources and build real connections with leads through live engagements (if it’s a live webinar)

Webinar as a lead magnet

6. Ebooks — The most popular form of lead magnets out there. Create ebooks containing valuable information related to your offer or industry to convert visitors to leads

Ebook as a lead magnet

Notice how lead magnets can be displayed in different ways:

  • A normal opt-in form
  • A pop-up
  • A bar notification

So you now have a clear idea of what a lead magnet landing page is, why it’s important, and which lead magnets are best for your landing pages, what’s next?

Learning how to build a lead magnet landing page, of course!

5 Core elements of lead magnet landing pages

Elements of lead magnet landing pages

We’re now about 5 minutes into the challenge of building your lead magnet page in 60 minutes — time to show you how to exactly design and build your landing page with any lead magnet.

We’ve put together a list of 5 key elements you’ll need to get right for your lead magnet landing page to be effective.

And when we say “need” — we mean that your success with your lead magnet landing page depends on them, so pay close attention to this one!

Note that each section has 2 aspects to tackle:

  • Copy
  • Formatting

We’ll make sure to cover both sides of the coin for each element in order to make you 100% equipped to engage your target audience.

A clear headline

When crafting your headline, you only have 1 task — Get prospects to click on your link/keep reading to see what you have to offer.

But as with most things, that’s easier said than done. So how do you go about writing effective landing page headlines?

Depending on your lead magnet, here’s how you write your headline:

  • Ask a question relevant to your offer
  • Promise a certain outcome
  • Offer a solution to a problem

Usually, the headline is a fantastic place to highlight the lead magnet's primary benefit.

For example, if your lead magnet happens to be a free guide to setting up online marketing campaigns — Ask yourself, what’s the biggest change this free guide could deliver in a prospect’s life?

Let’s say it’s “getting 100 new clients a month” for the sake of this argument.

Now your wording should be as clear and direct as it could be, like this:

Headline example

Notice how the headline:

  • Displays the biggest benefit of your lead magnet
  • Is aimed at a specific target audience
  • Uses a clear font
  • Has proper capitalization

Keep these bullet points in mind when writing headlines for your next lead magnet landing page.

As a bonus tip — always write your headlines before your start writing the copy of any landing or sales page.

It’s easier to make a promise and deliver on it rather than trying to deliver on a promise that you didn’t make yet.

Speaking of writing copy, it’s up next on your checklist for building a great lead magnet landing page.

Enticing body copy

So you got their attention with a solid headline, next is simply living up to the potential customers’ expectations with engaging content that directly speaks to them.

Here’s how you can do that on your lead magnet landing page:

  • Social proof — showing customer testimonials for the lead magnet you’re offering is a great way to build trust between you and potential customers
Using Social Proof in LMLPs
  • Key points — highlight essential parts of your lead magnet to help visitors develop a better understanding of it
Kye-Points in LMLPs
  • Customers’ fears — not mandatory for a lead magnet landing page, but it’s very good if you could eliminate any doubts your customer has, or present your lead magnet as a solution to pain points

Plus, keep the formatting clean with easy-on-the-eye fonts and colors.

Don’t overwhelm readers with walls of text or unnecessary fluff — and certainly don’t offer testimonials via external links.

Here’s a pro tip — An excellent body copy speaks directly to buyer personas with language that resonates with both potential and existing customers.

So far you have a lead magnet, a good headline, and landing page copy that goes along with it — the next step is to make it captivating with a few images and graphics.

Relevant media

Using images and graphics in LMLPs

Think of videos, images, and graphics as supporting bases for your lead magnet landing page.

You want to use just the right amount to serve a distinct purpose, such as:

  • Showcasing the highlights of your lead magnet
  • Displaying results or customer testimonials
  • Introducing yourself to build trust between you and the readers in order to better nurture leads
  • Simply adding a hero image of your lead magnet

It’s essential that all of your media is optimized for mobile as more than 50% of your target audience uses mobile devices — many businesses overlook this detail and end up losing new leads without even knowing it!

Stock images aren’t ideal to use on your lead magnet landing page — you don’t want your lead magnet landing page looking generic like the thousands of pages out there.

Instead, use real media that’s representative of you and your business to better confirm the value of your lead magnet.

A simple lead-capture form

Lead-capture form

In a nutshell, a lead-capture form is an opt-in form that visitors will use to enter their contact details when signing up to get your lead magnet.

You want to keep it simple and clear — which means:

  • Having simple form fields, more specifically an email and a name field is all you need most of the time
  • Including crystal clear placeholders in the form fields
  • Making your opt-in form easy on the eye with clear fonts and a design that stands out from the rest of your page

Opt-in forms with fewer form fields tend to convert more leads.

And it makes sense, the easier the process is for qualified leads to get their lead magnet, the more of them would be inclined to sign up using your registration form.

Now for the last piece of the puzzle — CTAs to push potential customers to sign up.

A strong call-to-action

Your call-to-action (CTA) button should be as direct as possible to encourage visitors to act and click on it.

For example, using phrases like “Download Now” or “Sign Up” as CTAs is a safe choice to make — but if you want to take it a step further, use personalized phrases like:

  • Yes! Send Me My Free Ebook!
  • Start My Free Trial
  • I Want A Free Consultation Call

Regarding design placement, you’ll be glad to know that placing your CTA button next to your email opt-in form — just like the one we just showed in the last picture — could increase your lead generation rates by a whopping 1617%!

And the button design? The color of your call-to-action button should contrast with the rest of the page to stand out and grab attention right away.

CTA in SalesPage - SIO

So you now know all the landing-page best practices — how about we dive into what you shouldn’t do on your lead magnet landing pages?

Tips on what not to do with your lead magnet landing pages


This is the last pit stop before we show you how to build your own lead magnet landing page with our all-in-one platform — Keep going!

New online businesses struggle with building high-converting landing pages — that's because most of them don't really have the required experience or knowledge.

(Even simple mistakes could bottleneck your conversion rates.)

So, how could your online business be different?

How can you increase conversions and get more sales as a result?

Easy! Just follow these guidelines to avoid making horrible mistakes that’ll hurt your conversion rate:

  • Don’t use your CTA buttons in places that don’t make sense, keep them near your opt-in form
  • Don’t use all the space on the page, instead, utilize white space to give new visitors a delightful experience
  • Don’t focus on anything but the quality of your lead magnet and conveying that value to your audience — it’s your most valuable resource
  • Don’t make the lead magnet landing page longer or shorter than it should be — just enough, no more, no less
  • Don’t use internal links — you don’t want visitors jumping around pages on your website, keep them focused on your lead magnet. And Never use external links

While you can’t always nail the perfect landing page from the start, you can rely on tools like A/B tests to improve your lead generation by testing out the different variables on your landing page.

Here’s how it works:

  • Create your dedicated landing page that features your lead magnet
  • Create a variant of that landing page that has a something different (A different headline for example)
  • Run an A/B test between the 2 pages — incoming traffic would be split into the 2 pages
  • Based on which page performs/converts better, you’ll know which variables you need to improve/keep

So it’s obvious you’ll need a tool — a landing page builder to let you build the lead magnet landing page you came here for, otherwise, it wouldn’t be fair…

So let’s even the playing field — Enter, — Create your lead magnet landing page in minutes’s logo’s logo

Do you hear that? Tick tock — your new lead magnet landing page is around the clock.

Let the game begin!

Here are the exact steps you’ll need to take in order to complete the challenge:

1. Sign up at and get your free account — it has everything you’ll need and more — you’ll then be greeted with this dashboard

SIO - Main Dahsboard

2. In the menu, head to Funnels > Create > Name and choose the type of your funnel. We’ll choose custom

Creating a sales funnel in SIO

3. In your funnel dashboard, create a new step > Name it > Choose “Squeeze Page” as the type of the page

Making a squeeze page in SIO

4. Then, just select a template for your page — they’re all free and we have loads!

Templates in SIO

5. Check out the mini menu that’ll let you control your page — notice that neat A/B test tab you’re going to use in the future to optimize your lead magnet landing pages

Page menu in SIO

6. Enter the drag-and-drop editor using the wand icon on the right to edit your page to your heart’s content

The editor in SIO

7. That’s it; took less than 5 minutes…

Now you have 55 minutes to create and sell products (both physical and digital) on autopilot, subscribe visitors to your email campaigns, provide order forms for payment processing, and so much more!

But what’s the catch here? This all seems too good to be true…

Well, we’ve been keeping a secret — isn’t just a landing page builder.

In fact, our platform is a powerful all-in-one package built for creating, maintaining, and scaling online businesses.

We know, we know, we’re sorry!

But hey, we have more than 1000 reviews on TrustPilot with an overall rating of 4.9/5 — so we’re definitely doing something right!

Plus, your free account is free forever — so there’s absolutely nothing for you to lose, go sign up and we won’t even ask for your card info!

FAQs about lead magnet landing pages

Is a landing page the same as a lead magnet?


A landing page is a post-click webpage where your traffic lands after clicking on an ad or any form of digital marketing — it has a specific goal to capture leads.

A lead magnet, on the other hand, is a free offer like a free ebook or demo to entice visitors on a landing page to sign up — they get their freebie, and you get their contact details.

What are all the types of landing pages?

While we can’t exactly list all kinds of landing pages, here are the most popular:

  • A squeeze page
  • “Unsubscribe” page
  • Post-click page
  • Video landing page
  • Short-form page
  • Long-form page
  • Product page
  • “Coming Soon” page
  • “Get Started” page
What is a lead magnet funnel?

Just like a normal sales funnel, a lead magnet funnel is a form of digital marketing where you give away something of value to prospects in exchange for their email addresses.

Then, you use the email list you have to target prospects with offers — i.e. pushing them down the funnel to buy stuff from you.


Alright, time to wrap this up quickly so you can go create your lead magnet landing page if you haven’t already. Today we’ve learned:

  • A lead magnet landing page is a webpage you use to generate leads very effectively
  • You have plenty of lead magnets that you can use to accommodate your digital marketing efforts
  • Generating leads with a landing page requires you to come up with good design and copy
  • There are things you should avoid having on your landing pages — such as external links for example
  • Luckily, you can use proven templates to accelerate the process of building your lead magnet landing page — just like the ones we have at

If you’ve made it this far without taking any action to build your lead magnet landing page, the challenge of you being able to do it in the next hour is still valid!

Go sign up to get your free account — and simply follow the steps shown in this post.

We look forward to what awesome landing pages you’ll make. Until then, cheerio!

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