8 Things That Only Systeme.io Can Do

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Systeme.io logo

Systeme.io has some unique features that make it stand apart from its competitors.

Here are 8 things that only Systeme.io can do:

Feature #1: Selling a product without creating a product! (Really!)

Wait! What?

Let me explain...

When we built Systeme.io we realized there was no need for users to create a product in their dashboard in order to sell a digital product.

Instead, we have created a very simple and intuitive mechanism that’s called "resources".

Payment page settings

Payment page settings

A resource is an action that will be triggered whenever a purchase is made on a payment page.

So, on each payment page you can set resources that will be granted to a customer after they make a payment.


Resources to which the customer will have access after a purchase

The following resources are available:

  • Adding a tag
  • Granting access to a membership site (either total access or dripped access)
  • Granting access to a course bundle (either total access or dripped access)
  • Subscribing to an email campaign
  • Creating an order for a physical product

Typically, when you sell an online course you want to:

  • Tag this contact as a customer 
  • Grant them access to the course they have purchased (either total access or dripped access)
  • Subscribe them to an email campaign to encourage them to consume the content they have just purchased, and/or upsell them on another offer.

The same mechanism works for order bumps, upsell pages and downsell pages.

Just set the above resources on them, and they'll be triggered every time someone makes a purchase

Which leads to the next cool feature:

Feature #2: Automatically cancel access to a product after a refund 

If a customer gets a refund or in the case of a subscription, if they decide to cancel their subscription/s, then all the resources they were given access to are immediately canceled.

For example, if the customer has been given access to an online course, then his access is removed.

It’s great because you don’t have to do this manually

sit back and relax

You can sit back and relax, Systeme.io has got you covered!

A prime example of this would be Clickbank affiliate marketplace.

I have been selling on Clickbank for years

After purchasing on Clickbank, my customers would get access to an online course hosted on my Wordpress site

When they received their refund, their access to the course wasn’t canceled because I had no way to automate it.

But that was before Systeme.io ;-)

The next feature could help you double the amount of new leads you are getting per day, but use it at your own risk…

Feature #3: Add a popup to your website that visitors cannot close (use this at your own risks!)

I’ll admit this one is sneaky.

I got the idea from Linkedin.

When you land on their website to check out someone’s resume, they tell you that you need to sign up in order to see it.

So I put a popup on each one of my blog posts that was saying « Become a member to read the full article. It’s free, just enter your email address  »

There was no button to close the popup, so visitors had the choice to either enter their email address or leave.


A popup you can't close

This instantly doubled the amount of leads I was getting per day (from 60 leads per day to 120 leads per day).

Of course leads were not as qualified as before. 

After the opt-in I had an email sequence selling on autopilot, and I was able to calculate that in the end, I was doing 30% more revenue than before.

If you want to use this feature you should be careful, because more visitors will enter a bogus email address, so you should clean your list on a regular basis

Now the next features are about affiliation, because there were many features that we needed and couldn’t find in the market.

Feature #4: Getting affiliates… …without asking them to register as affiliates

With Systeme.io every person on your list is an affiliate.

With some other software, affiliates have to register as affiliates, enter their payment details.. …OMG! This is insane!

It causes a lot of friction, and you don’t want this.

Systeme.io's affiliate program dashboard

Systeme.io's affiliate program dashboard

This is why with Systeme.io every person on your list has an affiliate ID and can promote your products right away.


  • someone opts in on your list, and right after you send him an email with his affiliate link so they promote your affiliate program (more virality anyone?)
  • someone purchases one of your products, and after that you send them an email sequence that explains to him how to promote your product (even more virality anyone?)

All this is possible with Systeme.io

To start your affiliate program with Systeme.io all you need is… 

a squeeze page!

A squeeze page built with Systeme.io

A squeeze page built with Systeme.io

But wait, because there is more! Not only can you register affiliates without any friction, but you can offer them more value than with any other affiliate program out there.

How? By offering them lifetime commissions.

Here is how:

Feature #5: Run an affiliate program with lifetime commissions (sticky cookie anyone? Just kidding ;-) )

This is a huge advantage of having all the features you need under one roof:

Since your email list and your payment pages are hosted on the same software, it’s actually possible to run an affiliate program that offers lifetime commissions.

Systeme.io's affiliate dashboard

Systeme.io's affiliate dashboard

You see, when you promote an affiliate offer (for example an offer from Clickbank), you won’t get commissions on sales made AFTER the original purchase.

So you send customers to a vendor. 

He keeps selling to them over and over again, and you won’t make commissions on those sales.

Pretty terrible, right?

The main reason vendors won’t pay affiliate commissions on sales made after the original purchase, is because it’s almost impossible: 

You need to track affiliate ID in your autoresponder, and it’s not easy to get this data out from Clickbank and add it to your list. 

With Systeme.io, affiliate tracking is made with cookies AND in the database.

This ensures that affiliate tracking is a lot stronger than if it was tracked only with cookies, especially these days where most people use multiple devices (smartphone, desktop at work, tablet, etc)

Let me give you an example to show you how strong our affiliate tracking is:

Let’s say that affiliate A referred a lead to our affiliate program. John clicked on affiliate A’s affiliate link and opted into our list. At this time John was at work, on his desktop (don’t judge! We’ve all done it  ;-) )

Now John is on our email list, and we send him emails to convert him into a customer.

Now 6 months later, John is on holiday, and he receives an email from us while he is on his cell phone. He clicks on the link and purchases the offer that we are promoting

He uses a different email address than the one he used when he opted in on our list 6 months ago.

Let’s recap:

  • John is using a different device than the one he was using when he clicked on the affiliate link 6 months ago
  • And he uses a different email address than the one he used to opt in to our list

And guess what? Affiliate A WILL STILL BE CREDITED for the sale and he will earn a commission.

How is it possible?

Because in each email we send, we automatically add the affiliate ID of the affiliate that referred the lead to us.

So in this case, when John clicked on the link in the email while he was on holiday, we put a cookie on his cell phone’s browser, and even if he used a different email address, we knew he was coming from affiliate A and thus we were able to credit him for the sale.

Pretty cool, huh?

Of course there is absolutely no obligation to pay lifetime commissions to your affiliates.


With Systeme.io, on each payment page you can set the percentage you want to give to affiliates

affiliate commissions

Enter 0 if you don’t want to pay affiliate commissions for this offer.

Sticky cookie anyone? Just kidding ;-)

But hold on, because we went even further…

Feature #6: Share your affiliate commissions… …with your own affiliates

affiliate commissions

Let me explain: at Systeme.io we run our own affiliate program.

Affiliates send leads to us (people who subscribe to our email list through their affiliate link), and then we convert these leads into customers and we pay affiliate commissions to our affiliates.

But sometimes I want to promote an offer from a partner to my list.

The issue is, the affiliates who referred the people on my list won’t make money out of it.

Unless.. ..I split my affiliate commissions with the affiliates who referred the leads to us!

Let me give you an example:

John subscribed to our email list by clicking on Affiliate A’s affiliate link.

I promote an offer to my list from Vendor V as an affiliate

(I use my own affiliate link)

John buys the offer from Vendor V

I earn an affiliate commission for this sale.

Well, there is a feature in Systeme.io that will allow me to share my affiliate commissions with Affiliate A

In our case, we share 50% of our affiliate commissions with our own affiliates, but you can set the percentage you want.

What’s amazing with this feature is that it allows you to run your own affiliate program even if you don’t have offers to sell!

You just need offers to promote as an affiliate

This is why we built a marketplace:

Feature #7: Publish your offer on Systeme.io marketplace

There are marketplaces around like Clickbank.

I had been selling as a vendor on Clickbank for years

It was quite a painful experience:

  • design from the 90s’
  • you have to get your offers approved by Clickbank each time you make a tiny change (takes days, sometimes you just can’t sell products above a certain price)
  • super expensive (8% commission + $1 per sale)

So when we built Systeme.io I was like « it’s an opportunity to offer a better alternative to Clickbank »

This is why we launched the marketplace on Systeme.io in August of 2019

You can publish any offer you have on the marketplace. All you need is a Systeme.io account. And there are no extra fees.

You can also use the marketplace as an affiliate to find offers to promote.

Click here to browse the Systeme.io marketplace

When your affiliates start earning commissions you need to pay their commissions, and this is where you need feature #8:

Feature #8: Automate payments to affiliates

With Systeme.io there are two forms of payments for affiliates:  

  • Paypal
  • Wire Transfer
payments automation

Affiliate commission payments 

Paypal is quite easy to automate, you just use Paypal Mass Pay

But automating wire transfers is a different story…

We looked at solutions like Tipalti but were not happy with the user experience: poor design, obligation for affiliates to open an account with them, lots of features we didn’t need…

We kept looking and we found Transferwise, a startup from the UK that has an API to automate payments.

Vendors just have to create a Borderless account (it takes literally 3 clicks, amazing user experience) and connect it to their Systeme.io account.

Then they need to make sure it has the necessary funds and voila! Payments will be made to their affiliates on the 10th of each month.

It used to take us one person half a day to make wire transfers to our affiliates

Now it’s done automatically by our system.. ..we love it! 


We built Systeme.io for us. 

Today it powers our entire online business and allows us to make over $150,000 per month in revenue.

We believe it is the best tool to run your online business, and more than 5,000 customers feel the same.

But you know what? 

Don’t just take our word for it and try it for yourself. 

You can try it for free and access all the features:

  • sales funnels
  • email marketing
  • membership sites
  • affiliate program management
  • blog creation
  • marketing automation

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