Why Use an All-in-one Marketing Software? (When The Gurus Tell You Not To)

All-in-one Marketing Software

Great question!

The answer is very simple.

You see, when it comes to entrepreneurship there are 2 opposite concepts:

  • Theory
  • Reality

In theory, YES! The best solution is to use the best tool for each area of your business:

  • The best autoresponder (ActiveCampaign?)
  • The best sales funnel builder (Clickfunnels?)
  • The best blog builder (Wordpress?)
  • The best evergreen webinar software (EverWebinar?)

But then:

  • It is harder to configure (you need to configure several tools and integrate them together)
  • It is harder to use (you need to log in to all these different tools and manage them on a daily basis - I’m tired just by writing it!)
  • It is more expensive (you need to pay for every single one of them…)

I think you see the point.

If you are reading this, chances are that you are either a solopreneur, or someone who wants to launch a business (a.k.a. a « wantrepreneur »)

In both cases, it means that your resources are very limited.

You have little time to spend.

And little money to spend.

No shame. We all started from zero.

Which means that if you want to success you will have to cut corners

Make choices.

Believe me, I have been an entrepreneur since 2007 and I have helped thousands of people launch their own business.

This is why we built systeme.io: you have access to all the features you need to launch your online business (sales funnels, email marketing, membership site, affiliate program management, marketing automation)

Systeme.io's home page

Systeme.io's home page

And it starts at just $27 per month

(in case you are wondering why systeme.io is so affordable we explain it in this blog post)

But isn’t it bad to « put all my eggs in the same basket »?

Well, by using systeme.io you don’t really « put all your eggs in the same basket »

We are serving several thousand customers so we built an architecture that is scalable.

Actually, systeme.io is composed of several core components that are hosted on separate servers, some of these servers being made redundant with load balancing

(if one server fails then another server takes over).

Just like if you were using different tools actually!

But you have to manage just one tool, so it makes your life easier.

One dashboard to rule them all!

Look at one of the feedback we got:

Judy Olbrych's feedback

Neal Hamilton's feedback

Now you might be thinking:

Ok! But is systeme.io only for beginners?

Well, we use systeme.io to power our own business and make over $160k per month in revenue.

We use systeme.io to:

  • Build our sales funnels
sales funnels
  • Do email marketing (newsletters, email campaigns)
  • Host our online courses
online courses
  • Run marketing automations
Workflow editor

Workflow editor

  • Manage our affiliate program
Systeme.io's affiliate program dashboard

Systeme.io's affiliate program dashboard

Our systeme.io account has the exact same features than any other account (even free trial accounts), apart from a very small set of specific features 

(like the ability to create systeme.io accounts for example)

We use our systeme.io account to sell:

  • Subscriptions to systeme.io
  • Online courses
  • Coaching programs

Today we send about 3 million emails per month with our systeme.io account,

and we generate about $160k per month in sales (we use Stripe and PayPal as payment processors)

So I’d say that with a systeme.io account you have plenty of room to grow your business ;-)

Look at what Martin is saying about systeme.io:

Martin's feedback

Martin's feedback

But you know what?

I am systeme.io founder so you shouldn’t take my word for it and try it for yourself:

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