Here’s Why You Should Use an All-in-One Marketing Tool (When the Gurus Tell You Not to)

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Tired of paying for multiple subscriptions and running your online business on countless different tools?

Using separate tools for every part of your business comes with loads of tech hassles like coding, broken plugins, and duct-taping together different software.

Luckily, there’s a simple solution — switch to an all-in-one business platform!

In this post, we’ll break down everything you need to know:

  • The benefits of using an all-in-one marketing platform
  • Who should use an all-in-one marketing platform and why
  • Why you should use as the all-in-one marketing platform for your online business

Let’s dive right in!

1. What is all-in-one marketing software?

What is all-in-one marketing software?

An all-in-one marketing platform is a comprehensive suite of tools that allow businesses to streamline their marketing efforts across multiple channels.

This means you can manage different aspects of your business from a single place, without having to switch from one platform to the next.

Typically, all-in-one platforms have these key features that let you:

With a great all-in-one platform, you can do all of this without having to switch tabs in your browser, which means:

  • No more struggling with clunky integrations
  • No more stringing together data from one tool to another
  • And no more spending insane amounts on monthly subscriptions for tools that don’t do everything your business needs!

You'll be able to skip all the technical issues and distractions of using multiple platforms and focus on what’s important: growing your business.

2. Top 5 reasons to use all-in-one platforms

Using an all-in-one marketing platform comes with some major advantages.

We’ve narrowed it down to the top 5 benefits that’ll make the biggest impact on your business:

  • Save time and money
  • No coding or tech knowledge needed
  • Consolidated reporting and insights
  • A seamless user experience
  • Support in the same place

Let’s break it down.

2.1. Save time and money

To run a profitable online business you'll likely need a few essential marketing tools.

If you were to use separate software for each of these instances here's what your costs could look like:

  • Landing page/funnel builder (Starts at $95/month)
  • Email marketing software (Starts at $20/month)
  • Membership site/ Online course hosting (Starts at $99/month)
  • Storage for your audio and video assets (Starts at $7/month)

That's a grand total of $221/month, just to use the most basic functionality that every platform has to offer.

To illustrate how high this price is, think about — Our most expensive Unlimited plan is only $97/month for unlimited access to all of our features — a dedicated funnel builder on its own costs that much!

Not to mention the time you'll be losing to get all these tools working together seamlessly. These manual efforts add extra operational costs for your business and take your focus away from revenue-driven tasks.

If saving hundreds of dollars per month doesn’t convince you, here are ways in which all-in-one platforms can save you both time and money:

  • Everything is already set up and connected, so you won’t have to switch back and forth between different marketing tools
  • Easier budgeting with one simplified and consistent subscription
  • Lower overhead costs mean you’ll make more profits, and you’ll need fewer sales for your business to break even

Doesn’t that just sound a whole lot better than paying for multiple separate tools?

When you spend less time and money on managing your business, you have more resources for tasks that’ll lead to faster business growth.

Ask yourself: Can your business really afford not to make the switch?

2.2. No coding or tech knowledge needed

All-in-one platforms are perfect for newcomers, solopreneurs, and anyone who doesn’t want to spend hours trying to get their business up and running.

With all-in-one marketing platforms like, you don’t need any coding knowledge at all to complete essential digital marketing tasks.

This is by far one of our favorite benefits! Here’s why:

  • All the tools you need come built-in with an easy-to-use interface so you won’t have to write a single line of code for anything at all!
  • This will save on costs since you won’t have to hire a website designer, developers, or software engineers to build your website
  • You can use visual drag-and-drop editors to build and customize your landing pages in minutes
  • Choose from a library of ready-made templates. Customize it with an integrated website and funnel builder.
  • You can build sales funnels, set up marketing automation rules, sell your products, and receive payments without worrying about the technical aspects like coding and duct-taping it all together

With a benefit like this, why would you ever waste time and energy staring at a screen trying to get the software working as you want it to?

2.3. Consolidated reporting and analytics

You can only improve the things you can measure.

Comprehensive reporting on your business’ performance will help you gain insight into your marketing processes to improve your revenue stream.

You can base your business decisions on unified data that measures your performance by learning how your campaigns are performing.

In-depth insights into key metrics will let you take the necessary steps to improve customer retention and build stronger relationships with your audience.'s reporting and statistics let you manage everything in the same place. So you can see exactly which part of your funnel needs optimization and tweaking.

  • Email open and click rates
  • Audience size
  • Total opt-ins
  • Conversion rates
  • Total sales
  • Revenue per audience segment
  • Refunds
Optimize your users’ experience and boost sales
Optimize your users’ experience and boost sales

These valuable reporting insights will ensure that you get a better return on your investment (ROI) that you made into an all-in-one platform.

2.4. A seamless user experience

Imagine for a moment that you’re using multiple separate tools to sell an online course:

  • An email marketing platform to send emails
  • A landing page builder to host your pages
  • An ecommerce platform to accept payments and make sales
  • Membership site software to host your course

You’d have to capture leads using your landing page builder and then integrate it with your email marketing platform to be able to promote your course to those leads.

So you’ll need another tool like Zapier or Pabbly to connect the two platforms (which could cost another $19/month).

You’ll then have to send leads to your ecommerce platform to accept payments. This means having to go back and forth between the ecommerce platform and email marketing platform to see which email your lead clicked on to eventually become a customer.

You’ll need to use Zapier or Pabbly to grant access to your course to those who purchased using your ecommerce platform. And what if you want to send specific emails to only your customers? You’d have to go back to Zapier or Pabbly and…

We can go on like this all day. Now, let’s take a look at how this process would look on

You’d capture your leads on your landing page built with Once they opt-in, they’ll automatically be added to your email list in

They’ll then receive automated emails that send them to an order form.

Once they purchase, you can automatically grant them access to your course built on, without lifting a finger.

Notice the difference? Every single one of these processes happens in, no plugins or extra steps, no calculators or excel sheets, no extra software and not even opening a new tab is required!

Running your business using an all-in-one platform like removes roughly 50% of the extra steps required when compared to using separate tools.

2.5. Get support and security from one platform

Get support and security from one platform

When you’re dealing with any cloud-based digital marketing tool, the available customer support and security should be a big priority, and all-in-one platforms definitely give you an advantage.

Here’s why it’s good to get customer support from a single platform:

  • Calling or emailing a bunch of different support teams from different providers can be a bit difficult and time-wasting.
  • They may not be able to diagnose where the problem is, or (more often than not) they’ll point fingers at the other tools you’re using.
  • With all-in-one marketing platforms, you can access all the support you need to solve your issues in one place, making things easier.

Let’s use’s customer support as an example:

Trustpilot review on

Our customer support has a turnaround time of just under 1 hour, they're available 24/7 on weekdays and:

  • Our customer support has great reviews on Trustpilot!
  • Our team can answer all your questions in one go — everything from sales funnels to email marketing to affiliate payouts (and more!)

Isn’t that a lot easier than having to contact multiple support teams to get the answers you need?

While all-in-one platforms will make it easier to navigate the whole process of getting support, make sure to check out how effective and responsive a tool’s support team is before you make your final decision.

You don’t want to be stuck paying for expensive digital marketing tools that you can’t use or that don’t work exactly as you need them to.

Now that we’ve gone through the most important benefits, let’s go through some of the key features and considerations that you should look at when deciding if an all-in-one platform is for you.

3. What to look for when deciding if an all-in-one platform is for you

To decide whether all-in-one marketing automation platforms are for you (and whether the benefits are worth it), you’ll also need to consider:

  • What kind of features are included in an all-in-one marketing tool?
  • Which type of businesses should consider making the switch?

Let’s see what the answers to these 2 questions are.

3.1. What features do you need in all-in-one platforms?

In the digital marketing space, there are a few tools that every single all-in-one platform should have to truly classify as such:

  • A sales funnel builder — Create and set up a funnel from scratch, or use a template that you can customize
  • Email marketing tools — Get on top of your business’ contact management, send emails to your audience, and set up email marketing campaigns to stay in touch with your contacts
  • Online courses/membership sites — Build, and sell your online courses and memberships so you can monetize your expertise
  • Website builder — Build landing pages to set up your website
  • Affiliate programs — Manage your own affiliate program, and join these tools’ affiliate programs to earn a passive income
  • Marketing automation tools — Use integrated marketing automation features, and save time completing business tasks

There are several online marketing functions and features that are included in different all-in-one tools that you need to keep an eye out for to help you hit your business goals.

You should ensure that your chosen all-in-one platform has the features you need to launch, grow and scale your business to profitability.

3.2. Who should use all-in-one tools?

The answer is simple. Businesses of all sizes could in some way or another benefit from using an all-in-one marketing platform!

Let’s look at the benefits for businesses of different sizes:

3.2.1. Entrepreneurs

With limited time and resources, entrepreneurs and solopreneurs need to focus on core business activities while managing their marketing efforts effectively.

All-in-one marketing platforms allow them to automate and simplify their marketing tasks, such as end-to-end funnel management, email marketing, and lead generation.

Additionally, the user-friendly interfaces and built-in templates enable entrepreneurs and solopreneurs to create professional-looking funnels, websites, and digital products without needing extensive design or coding skills.

By centralizing their marketing efforts, they can gain valuable insights from integrated analytics and optimize their campaigns to drive better results, all while saving time and effort that can be directed toward growing their businesses.

Platforms like are designed to scale as an entrepreneur's businesses start to grow, making it a long-term solution as well.

3.2.2. Small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs)

SMBs often operate with limited budgets and resources for marketing, making it crucial for them to maximize the return on their marketing investments.

An all-in-one marketing platform provides these businesses with an extensive solution that is both cost-effective and time-saving.

By consolidating multiple tools such as email marketing, website creation, CRM, and analytics, SMBs can execute and monitor their marketing strategies efficiently, without the need to invest in multiple standalone tools or hire additional staff.

As SMBs grow, their marketing needs evolve. All-in-one marketing platforms often offer scalable pricing plans and feature sets, allowing businesses to upgrade or modify their subscriptions to match their expanding requirements.'s free plan is perfect for a young SMB that has just recently opened its doors. Whereas our Unlimited plan will provide everything a small business needs to expand to the big time.

3.2.3. Marketing agencies

Marketing agencies often handle campaigns for many clients across different channels.

Using an all-in-one marketing platform saves time and effort by keeping all their tools and client data in one place.'s workspace feature, for example, is great for agencies, as it lets account owners add collaborators like employees, consultants, or other agencies to their account.

These collaborators can access certain features, such as sending emails, managing and building sales funnels, and checking analytics, without needing extra accounts or sharing passwords.

This setup not only improves security but also makes it easier to work with team members, assign tasks, and track progress.

Agencies can effectively manage multiple clients while staying organized and efficient.

By using the helpful tools and features of an all-in-one platform like, marketing agencies can fine-tune campaigns based on performance analytics and achieve better results for their clients.

3.2.4. Large companies

All-in-one marketing platforms aren't just for small businesses; they can also be very helpful for large companies.

These bigger organizations often have many marketing needs and target different audiences. Platforms like make it easier for them by bringing all their marketing tools and channels together in one place.

This helps large companies simplify their marketing, work better as a team, and get useful information from combined analytics.

At, we use our own platform for everything in our business, from email marketing to customer management. We make over $500,000 every month, showing that big companies can rely on an all-in-one marketing platform like ours to manage and grow their operations:

By "eating our own food," we showcase our confidence in's ability to handle multiple business processes and enable large enterprises to achieve their marketing goals efficiently.

With the power of an all-in-one platform like, large companies can focus on driving growth and expansion, while enjoying the convenience and flexibility of managing their marketing strategies in one place.

Now, let’s focus your attention on and why it’s the perfect all-in-one marketing solution for your online business.

4. An all-in-one marketing platform for your business

Now that you know what to look for in an all-in-one marketing tool, let’s dive into why is the perfect solution for any business. is a simple, effective, and free all-in-one platform for all of your business-building needs, with an intuitive user interface that’s easy to use.

Let’s take a look at what you’ll get when you switch to

4.1.’s features

Here’s a summary of all the key features on offer:

Sales funnels

Create funnels easily based on proven templates

Email marketing

Send unlimited emails and create email campaigns

Website builder

Easily set up your website in under 10 minutes

Affiliate program management

Create an affiliate program, automate affiliate payouts

Business automation

Save time and energy by automating your business

Evergreen webinars

Run evergreen webinars to grow your audience and make sales

Online courses

Build your online course, manage your students


Create high-converting content and get more traffic

Sell products

Sell digital and physical produfts with ease

With an all-in-one marketing solution like, all the features come built-in and are ready for you to use because we know that time is money. is like a Swiss army knife and belongs in every entrepreneur’s back pocket, including yours.

Now, let's talk pricing.

4.2.’s pricing

Our price plans are made to fit your business’ budget as it grows, and each plan comes with the features your business needs.

All of our plans, including our Free plan, come with these guaranteed features:

  • Unlimited emailing to all your contacts on your email lists
  • Unlimited file storage space for your funnels, content, and media
  • Unlimited members on your membership site
  • No transaction fees and no hidden costs
  • Access to our affiliate program so you can build a lucrative passive income stream and manage your affiliates, links, and payouts
  • Expert 24/7 online support whenever and wherever you need it

Let’s take a look at what each of our pricing plans includes.

4.2.1.’s Free plan

Pick as the all-in-one marketing tool for your business, and you can get started for free with no credit card details required!

We know how important it is that you spend time testing a new platform tool before making a financial investment.

That’s why we offer you an entirely Free plan for as long as you want.

Here’s what you’ll get on our Free plan:

  • Up to 2,000 contacts
  • 3 sales funnels
  • 10 funnel steps
  • 1 blog with unlimited posts
  • 1 membership site with unlimited members
  • 1 automation rule
  • 1 workflow
  • 1 tag
  • 1 email campaign
  • 1 one-click upsell
  • 1 order bump
  • 1 A/B test
  • 1 custom domain

4.2.2.’s paid plans offers you 3 paid plans to choose from:

  • Startup plan ($27/month) — 5,000 contacts, 10 sales funnels, 5 workflows, 10 email campaigns, and 3 custom domains
  • Webinar plan ($47/month) — 10k contacts, 50 funnels, 20 workflows, 100 email campaigns, 10 custom domains, and 10 evergreen webinars
  • Unlimited plan ($97/month) — Get unlimited access to every feature has to offer! You can even store an unlimited number of contacts in your account, which could potentially save you thousands of dollars per month down the line!

You can also get a whopping 30% discount if you sign up for one of our annual plans So that means:

  • Startup is priced at $228 per year
  • Our Webinar plan is $396 per year
  • And our Unlimited plan costs $896 per year

By signing up for an annual plan or the monthly Unlimited plan, you'll get one of our most popular extra services for free!

4.2.3. Free migration services

That's right! We'll move all of your products, pages, funnels, and customers to at no extra cost!

All you need to do is sign up for our Unlimited plan or any of our annual plans.

We have an entire team dedicated to migrating businesses to They've migrated hundreds of businesses to our platform and our customers constantly praise their work: logo logo logo

Here's what the process looks like in a nutshell:

  • Sign up for our Unlimited monthly plan or any of our annual plans
  • Tell us what to migrate
  • We'll give you an estimate of the time it will take, and then we'll migrate your business!

5. Conclusion

Not only will using an all-in-one platform save you a lot of time and money, but it’ll also strengthen your business’ marketing efforts and profitability.

Make sure that the all-in-one marketing tool you pick has all the features you need to give your online business a boost.

You deserve to reap the benefits of switching to an all-in-one platform, and is the all-in-one solution you’ve been looking for.

Click here to get your free account!

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