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Starting a new online business is equal parts exciting and scary.

It’s really enthralling because you’re embracing your entrepreneurial spirit and striking out on your own. Your new business is liberating in many ways—you call the shots, and online businesses are growing at such a prolific rate that the opportunities seem endless. 

In fact, sales for eCommerce in 2018 came in at $2.842 billion, and that number is only expected to grow, drastically.

Conversely, there’s fear of the unknown in your brave new world. Most of these hang-ups center around dealing with your continually evolving list of responsibilities and whether you can keep up with the lightning-fast nature of online businesses.

Don’t worry. We understand exactly where you’re coming from. These are the challenges and anxieties almost every single new internet business owner will face during their infancy.

Fortunately, an array of technologies and tools have been developed with scaling and managing online businesses in mind. These programs help organize, automate, and execute according to your specific model.

So, starting up doesn’t seem quite so daunting in 2019. Some new online business owners are finding success right out of the gate.

For instance, Podia is an app focused on selling memberships, online courses, and digital downloads

It possesses an array of features including the ability to create an eye-catching storefront in the blink of an eye. You’ll go from having a spark of an idea to selling your digital product in mere minutes.

Podia’s features are intuitive, providing the kind of step-by-step instructions that ensure ease of use without users needing any technical expertise. 

Yes, we’re a different company. But we’re not here to deny that Podia is a top-notch app with premiere technology that seamlessly incorporates all aspects of your business. 

What we are here to do, though, is tell the truth. And the outright truth is that Podia is very pricey. 

The lowest rate available is $39. When you start a business, especially if it’s part-time, you may not have that kind of money to spend monthly. 

It’s tremendously challenging to sell with enough volume (especially when just starting your business) to make Podia’s price worth it. And, to be perfectly honest, their lesser-priced “Mover” package doesn’t come with enough features to make it worth the cost. 

On top of that, it can be argued that while Podia’s design is simple and clean, it’s too basic. There are also consumer complaints about the app’s inefficient upsell process. 

If not a popular online business management software like Podia, then where are you supposed to turn? 

Read below, for the answers. 

Best Podia alternative #1: Systeme.io



Now, we might be biased, but Systeme.io will take your internet marketing and sales to the next level with comprehensive management features. 

The innovative minds at Systeme.io have put forth a turnkey solution that helps facilitate the multiple aspects comprising an internet business

With our app, you won’t be faced with crushing fees (our starter package starts at $27 per month). Systeme.io has automated tools that save a wealth of time and money.

We’ve built our app with the notion that working smarter is far more crucial than working harder.

As such, this spectacular app provides the necessary tools to excel at these pillars of online business management:

  •  Email marketing in bulk 
  •   Sales funnel for hosting pages  
  •   Selling your products and services 
  •  Financial transactions (e.g., collecting and delivering your digital product to consumers)  

Having such an array of tools in one place, simplifies promotes managing at peak efficiency. 

Instead of having to hop from tool-to-tool, everything about your business is in one place and incredibly straightforward when it comes to usability. In fact, customers boast of how Systeme.io possesses similar power to an app as prevalent as ClickFunnels while being much easier to use. 

Also, Systeme.io provides optimal flexibility as your business grows both financially and in complexity. 

While using our app, you can effortlessly enhance the visual appearance and design of your site. There’s a drop editor when you’re creating a well-versed structure of your online courses. Plus, Systeme.io allows you to implement and design landing pages for your clients and payment processes.

Another massive benefit of Systeme.io is how the dedicated customer service team takes every pain to ensure you’re getting the most from our product. No issue is too challenging, and no problem too big (or too small) for our group of IT experts. 

Aurélien Amacker, the creator of Systeme.io, has applied an analytical approach to the development of his app.

Like many successful startup founders before him, Aurélien expertly analyzed the insights obtained through customer feedback. And leveraged them into producing a user-friendly interface that’s so intuitive, that it can seemingly predict your next action.

Best Podia alternative #2: Kartra



Like the other apps mentioned, Kartra’s suite of tools includes hosting, email marketing, video, webinars, split-testing, cart checkouts, and much more. 

Kartra takes pride in that plethora of online business facets integrating effortlessly with one another. It’s this kind of interconnectivity that’ll keep your business running like a well-oiled machine. 

Then, this app (founded by Genesis Digital in 2018) offers automatic sales funnels. These take website visitors and transform them into email subscribers, who’ll then become customers or clients.

One of the main issues with Kartra, however, is online business owners who are used to other systems will have a massive gap in learning. Because creating funnels on this platform takes quite a bit of getting used to. 

Furthermore, people just entering the online business ownership world will find Kartra incredibly daunting. It’s already enough of an obstacle to try and learn the ins-and-outs of the business. 

There are also some negative issues when it comes to customer service—as tech support can be elusive with clients. 

Lastly, Kartra updates frequently and that, alone, can be inconvenient – since you must keep up with those changes. Research on client feedback has found customer complaints citing the need to redo various tasks after upgrades. Meaning, this app can be a bit too much, too fast.

Best Podia alternative +3: ClickFunnels



ClickFunnels is one of the more well-known, mainstream all-in-one internet business platforms on the market. And for a good reason. 

It ticks all the boxes. Such as its high-functioning integrated system that helps with webinars, landing pages, sales pages, billing page setups, and a diverse arsenal of other business management tools.

The app designs/edits sales and landing pages while providing a multitude of templates for funnels and templates.

Boasting landing pages, thank you pages, live webinar pages, webinar replay pages, and a sales page, the webinar template alone highlights the in-depth nature of ClickFunnels. 

In ClickFunnels, users have an app that’s done most of the work for them. What used to necessitate expensive outsourcing costs and sleepless nights now requires a few clicks of a button, and voila!

This savvy app can also brag of its decidedly uncomplicated data tracking. ClickFunnels is only one system and puts all your data is placed on its dashboard. 

You’re able to track each piece of your funnel – identifying trends and assessing weaknesses with one source. This feature is a welcome change when compared to continual cross-referencing. 

Now, these features are undoubtedly fantastic, and any online business owner would be so lucky to possess such technological advantages. That’s assuming, of course, that they could afford it. 

Sadly, ClickFunnels doesn’t necessarily account for just how lean the business model needs to be for new online business owners. The starter package costs a whopping $97 per month. At Systeme.io, that’s the same price as our most expensive and comprehensive service package.

And when you look at the features this app offers, they don’t really eclipse those of our own. 

Take the easy data storage offered by ClickFunnels—at System.io we offer the exact feature at a fraction of the price. 

Another criticism of ClickFunnels as a product stems from some difficulties with usability. Some customers – who’ve used both apps – believe that Systeme.io is far less clunky in that regard. 

ClickFunnels also lacks in blog functionality. At this stage of the game where blogs are a must for promoting businesses, it’s puzzling how the app doesn’t possess this feature. At $97 per month, you’d think providing blog functionality would be a foregone conclusion. 

The final con we’ll discuss is that ClickFunnels is closed source. Meaning, it uses proprietary code that’s kept a secret so it can’t be used by other businesses. This trait places unwanted shackles on the customization and ownership of your pages.

Choose Your Online Business Management Platform Wisely 

The success of your online business depends on your creativity, vision, and marketing savvy. However, the tools you choose have a direct impact on how efficient – and therefore, how successful – you can be in the long run. 

And we want your business to flourish. So, integrate a business management app that compliments the unique structures of your business. 

While Podia has been instrumental in the success of some online business owners, it’s not the ideal solution for everyone. As evidenced by our list of alternative options, numerous other choices might be superior for your business

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