Biaheza Review: How To Make 100K Per Month At 18 Years Old

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There is a great chance that you may have heard of Biaheza net worth and this drove you to make the decision that you will try out drop shipping.

There is hardly anyone in the drop shipping world that doesn't know of Biaheza net worth is in 7 figures.

He made that money through dropshipping.

If you are a follower on Biaheza YouTube page, you may have learnt one or two from him.

We have decided to look at Biaheza courses on dropshipping that could go a long way to turn your net worth around.

Today, we are going to do a Biaheza review.

Take a ride with us.

When people hear of internet businesses, they tend to think all of them are scam. We do not blame them because many of them have fallen for scams online.

To help you make the right choice, we will analyze the courses and see if they match with the Biaheza price.

Apart from that, we will see if the courses can usher you into your dream of earning 7 figures.

As we analyze this course, we will look at the Biaheza price to join, details, the overview and so on.

When you are done, you can decide whether you should go for Biaheza courses or look elsewhere.

1. Biaheza: who is he?


We want to have a Biaheza review to see if he is legit or merely is all talk and no walk.

He is an eighteen year old that loves to create awesome content on YouTube about how to make money online.

He speaks greatly on dropshipping, and sometimes, wanders to other topics. He also talks about making money via Instagram and day trading.

He makes an average of sixty videos in a year, thereby keeping his viewers intrigued.

He has more than two hundred thousand subscribers to his channel.

He has been able to amass over twelve million views. This means that he is definitely saying something that we love to hear.

When you look at his videos, you won't help but fall in love with them. No wonder he is that popular.

Apart from what he teaches, he has a good presence on the camera. He is quite lively and smart.

He makes his titles and thumbnails so attractive that you have no choice but to click on them. He has mastered the art of YouTube marketing.

Like earlier mentioned, if you take a walk to Biaheza YouTube channel, you will see him talking a lot about dropshipping, Instagram marketing, day trading and even rental properties.

He is starting to diversify, which is awesome.

From what I have seen, Biaheza's net worth will be more than 7 figures soon because he has a lot to offer.

He is great at marketing himself and what he offers.

Though he may be making a lot of money from dropshipping, we have no choice but to assent that he has a great online presence.

2. Biheza courses


The courses are usually made up of thirteen videos.

It is important to note that these courses are mainly for beginners that know nothing about dropshipping.

If you are already an intermediate level or higher, you may need something else.

2.1. Biaheza course curriculum

  • Which products should you dropship

Before he decides on the product that he should dropship, Biaheza makes use of some tools.

This may seem awesome in theory, but in practice, it may be a different ball game.

This is because others may use similar tools and end up dropshipping the same products.

It means that competition will be high for those products.

What some expert dropshippers do is to carry out their product research themselves.

They know that most tools are already being utilized by their competitors in the business.

There is an exception to this, as some still use these tools and do project research themselves.

If you are new to dropshipping, it won't be a bad idea to use the tools. They allow you to understand how to find good products.

  • The software he uses in getting the right products

Some of the tools that he talks about are his affiliate products.

This means that if you purchase them, he earns a commission.

This doesn't mean the tools or softwares are not good.

They may be.

Do your research into them.

  • His five winning product examples and great products that he has dropshipped himself

Biaheza made money from these products.

You too can make money from it, but you may not end up making so much money that he made.

Why is this so?

Usually, people don't tell you where exactly they are making money from, except they have gotten tired and moved to something else.

Apart from that, others that watched the course know these products too.

What you should gain from the course is what makes a great product.

You can then put that into use when you decide to dropship.

  • Building a Shopify website
Shopify logo

Shopify logo

Under this aspect, he will teach you the fundamentals of how to create one.

  • How to have access to content for your store

It is no news that for a store to attract people, it has to be filled with the right content.

Here, he teaches people the basics of how to create product pages.

It is merely the basics that he offers. This is why this course is meant solely for beginners.

  • How to set up your shipping and legal pages

I love this aspect, as this may be ignored in many dropshipping courses online.

You can learn more about this with his teachings.

  • How to create an Instagram brand page
Instagram logo

Instagram logo

When it comes to Instagram influencing, Biaheza is one of the best in the game.

This aspect of the course is awesome

  • Places to have access to content for your company page

He is a great content marketer, I am not surprised that he can offer awesome advice here.

  • Facebook Pixel: What is it?

The course is quite basic and could be sourced on YouTube for free.

There are a number of experienced dropshippers that offer this for free on YouTube.

  • Biaheza Instagram theme page marketing strategy

This is a great strategy that has been working for a while now.

It could work for you too.

  • Where to advertise on

This is a great aspect of this course.

Here, you are taught about advertising on Instagram and how to use Influencer marketing.

  • How to make use of Facebook Ads
Facebook Ads

You are given the basics of using Facebook ads and nothing else.

This can be seen in a lot of YouTube videos.

  • Ways to target your Facebook Ads

He claims to teach the full strategy, which may be great for beginners.

For intermediate and professionals, the strategy is basic, as it doesn't cover other ad platforms like Pinterest, Snapchat, and so on.

The scaling aspect of ads was not as comprehensive as I wanted.

  • How taxes can be handled

Many dropshipping courses ignore this aspect.

It is great that he added this to his.

  • How to set up customer care service

He teaches viewers easy ways to set this up.

2.2. Some other things I liked about the biaheza course

  • He is a good content creator and it showed in the course. If you want to learn how to be a good content creator, following Biaheza is not a bad idea. You can learn so much about owning a channel from him. You can understand the act of creating a YouTube channel that is filled with awesome content. He has been able to pull millions of views on his YouTube channel, which is not an easy feat.
  • The course is quite affordable. If it were more than $294, I would have screamed the roof down. The truth is that many dropshipping courses cost way more than that. There is a lot that is worth thousands of dollars. I kid you not. Professional dropshippers spend thousands of dollars on a course to learn more tricks. Truth be told, many of the tricks that they are taught in such a course are awesome. They may end up earning more than that.

2.3. The drawbacks of this course


There are some drawbacks I noticed, and it will be wrong if I didn't add them to this Biaheza courses' review.

  • It was made for beginners

If you are a beginner that is clueless about dropshipping and need a crash course, this may work for you.

For those that are already in the business, you may end up learning little or nothing.

The truth is that some of the information could be gotten free of charge, but you have to put in some work and hours of your time, searching the internet to find them.

If you don't have the time or do not know where to search, the course can do justice to what you want to learn.

  • The dropshipping course is so short

This is why I said it is good for beginners.

Most times, beginners do not want to be disturbed with a lot of information.

Many want to learn on the job. In this course, what you will learn are basic things.

One hour and a half are not enough to tutor one on everything they need to know about dropshipping.

You will merely learn the basics.

  • There is limited traffic training on the course

One important aspect of the dropshipping business is traffic.

I expected that he would do more justice to that aspect, but he didn't.

He only talked about Facebook and Instagram traffic.

Not everyone will succeed at those.

There are other awesome sources of traffic that he didn't talk about.

3. Is dropshipping easy?

Is dropshipping easy?

Now that we are done analyzing Biaheza courses and how he is worth 7 figures, let us look at the ease of making money via dropshipping.

The truth is that no internet business is easy.

If you want to succeed in this aspect, you need to be ready to do the work compared to some other online businesses.

If you stroll to YouTube, you will see many people claiming that they make so much monthly from dropshipping, but is that the truth?

Some do, but the majority are not telling the truth.

What some of these people do is to create good videos that they upload on YouTube, lie about what their results are, then send people to pay a lot for their courses.

Thankfully, Biaheza seems to not be one of them.

Like earlier mentioned, some make the money through dropshipping.

Others lie.

Those in the latter group usually make a lot of money from selling their courses.

If you have decided that dropshipping is the one for you, you need to put in the work.

  • You will start by looking for awesome products that sell quickly and create the perfect descriptions for them. You will also have to get quality pictures of these products.
  • You are expected to make ads on different social media pages to attract attention to your products. Ads can be placed on Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and so on. Before you can create ads, you will have to spend money. It is not easy to earn money from dropshipping without spending your money initially.
  • You may have to deal with issues like shipping times. Most times, dropshipping is done from China. What this means is that it will take over a month before what was ordered is shipped.
  • Apart from the above, you also have to handle issues like returns and payments.
  • There is the customer service aspect that you have to handle too.

Dropshipping is a lucrative business if you have the will to pull off the above effectively.

To those that may not fancy all these, affiliate marketing may be an alternative that you should consider trying out.

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