Bryan Harris from Growth Tools: A Brutal and Honest Review

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If you run an online business or are thinking about it launching one, then you may have heard of Bryan Harris.

Bryan Harris owns a website called Growth Tools, formally known as VideoFruit.

On Growth Tools, Bryan breaks down strategies and techniques of successful business tools and creates impressive step-by-step tutorials to help you follow his lead.

It’s fair to say that Bryan’s insights have been gaining a fair bit of attention. He’s already been featured on Mixergy and Noah Kagan’s site.

On the Growth Tools website, Bryan offers free marketing tools and training for the public to use for their business.

But how effective are Bryan’s tutorials and training, and what tools does he offer?

Here’s our brutal and honest review of Bryan Harris and Growth Tools, so you know whether or not to invest your time into his business strategies.

1. Who is Bryan Harris?

Bryan Harris

Before we dig deeper into Growth Tools, let’s first get to know a bit more about Bryan Harris.

Bryan is 30 years of age and lives with his wife, Stacy, and dog, Riggins.

Bryan is a keen creator and first started video production back in 2002 whilst studying at college.

He’s also been a self-proclaimed entrepreneur since the young age of seven.

Since then, Bryan has dabbled in more businesses than he can remember. The very first was a baseball stand that Bryan ran out of his bedroom with his brother.

Unfortunately, success did not come easy in the beginning, as that business quest ended with the pair getting scammed by the kid that lived at the end of their road!

Then in the summer of 2009 came the consignment car lot, which was soon closed by the city zoning department.

Basically, Bryan has been through many trials and errors in the world of business over the years.

But after all those thousands of hours failing, it's safe to say he's now a pro!

Recently, Bryan stumbled across the world of video editing and hasn’t looked back since.

Bryan’s made hundreds of videos for himself and Growth Tools. He loves nothing more than teaching people how to create awesome videos for their business and how to use marketing tools out there with great success.

2. What is Growth Tools?

Growth Tools website's home page

Growth Tools website's home page

Now we know a bit more about the man himself, let’s learn a bit more about his website, Growth Tools.

When Bryan first started Growth Tools in March 2013, he was creating explainer videos for online businesses and political campaigns.

However soon things began to change, and Bryan started adjusting the content and products to suit what his audience wanted.

This ended up being how to attract more customers in business.

Eventually, that led to Growth Tools focusing on creating efficient tools and training to help kick-start and grow a business.

Here’s Growth Tools as a timeline.

In 2014, one-to-one growth coaching was a focus.

In 2015, an online training course was launched called ‘Get 10,000 Subscribers’.

In 2016, another online training program titled Slingshot was created.

In 2017, a set of free growth tools were released. These were called Drip Scripts, GoViral,,, List Goal, plus more.

In 2018, Bryan discovered coaching was a lot more successful, so the course was retired to focus on the coaching program.

In 2019, a four-week training product called Accelerator was launched.

  • In 2014, one-to-one growth coaching was a focus
  • In 2015, an online training course was launched called ‘Get 10,000 Subscribers’
  • In 2016, another online training program titled Slingshot was created
  • In 2017, a set of free growth tools were released. These were called Drip Scripts, GoViral,,, List Goal, plus more
  • In 2018, Bryan discovered coaching was a lot more successful, so the course was changed to focus on the coaching program
  • In 2019, a four-week training product called Accelerator was launched

3. Tools


Next, let’s go through the various free tools that Bryan offers on Growth Tools. Whether you’re hoping to increase your email list, improve sales, or boost your website traffic, there’s a free tool available.

3.1. Drip scripts

Drip Scripts

Drip Scripts helps users craft high-converting email sequences that are designed to convert leads into customers within record time.

If you struggle with knowing what to write in your email marketing campaigns, this is the tool for you.

3.2. Attract


Attract allows you to design pro-quality lead magnets that encourage browsers to sign up for your email list.

Just add your written content to one of the templates included, edit it to match your website and branding, and the tool will automatically create an attractive PDF for you to share instantly.

3.3. Go viral

Go Viral

Using Go Viral you can boost website traffic and shares with, as you’ve guessed, viral marketing campaigns.

The tool helps you build and create marketing campaigns that encourage and incentivize your email subscribers to share your content, offers, and website with their peers.


Using you can craft a homepage that will help convert at least 10% of browsers into email subscribers. In many cases, you can double your home page conversion rate.

3.5. List goal

List Goal

List Goal is your tool for growing and maintaining your email list.

Using List Goal you can set, track, and meet goals for your list of email subscribers.

You can also monitor and analyze figures including deliverability rate and unsubscribes. If anything goes wrong, you’ll also receive a handy alert.

3.6. Agent


Want to speak about your business to your audience? With Agent, you can discover a speaking gig to suit you in a matter of minutes.

Speaking directly to your audience is one of the most effective ways to get your brand out there in front of potential customers.

And with Agent, it’s easy to find suitable gigs within your niche, along with the right contact information. Then, you can use email scripts from Drip Scripts to close the deal.

3.7. One click

One Click

If you host partner or affiliate webinars, then One Click can help you score email subscribers from your partner a lot more easily.

The tool allows you to create a special link where partners' email subscribers can register for your webinar with one simple click.

This can help increase partner webinar entries by 40%, as it cuts out the landing page, making it easier for users to register.

3.8. Don’t hit publish

Don’t Hit Publish

As the name suggests, Don’t Hit Publish helps you craft effective and useful content, emails, and sales copy that will interest browsers.

As we all know, content is so important when it comes to your website and marketing campaigns. But sometimes, it’s hard to know how you can improve your writing.

Simply run your writing through Don’t Hit Publish, and you’ll receive plenty of tips and advice on how to improve it.

3.9. Remind


Did you know that text messages receive up to 30% click rates? Remind helps you build an SMS list, so you can expand your marketing efforts to SMS and gain high open and click rates.

The tool offers you a simple way to collect phone numbers, allowing you to market your content and offers through a new channel.

4. Training


As well as the listed free tools, Bryan also offers training programs on Growth Tools to help you grow a business.

The idea is that the training provides hands-on guidance and advice that will create measurable outcomes for a business.

These training courses come as 4-week accelerating boot camps, designed to produce measurable results for any business in any industry.

In the boot camps, users will receive one-to-one feedback, hands-on guidance, and accountability to help build and improve a business fast.

Over four weeks, along with a small group of other business owners, you’ll be walked and talked through a set of four projects. These projects will add up to one measurable result that will help build your brand.

Bryan boasts that, unlike other typical online training courses, his accelerator courses keep you focused on creating results, rather than endlessly learning without any action.

Bryan promises it will help coach you into your most profitable year yet with help from their knowledgeable marketing team.

With help from the training crew, your business will be audited, a monthly revenue goal will be decided, and you’ll be given a step-by-step plan to help you reach your goals month after month.

The team will check in with your business every day, so you won’t go off track or lose momentum.

You’ll be trained and coached in every aspect of your business plan to help you grow and reach your business goals.

5. Tutorial case study: OptinMonster

OptinMonster's home page

OptinMonster's home page

As we know, Bryan Harris is known for explaining business strategies and techniques using other marketing tools with his step-by-step tutorials.

But how useful are his videos? Let’s look at a case study: how Bryan increased his email subscribers using the tool OptinMonster.

To start with, Bryan set up an OptinMonster pop-up on his website that would request email addresses.

Once users had opted in, they were sent to a page featuring one of his more popular blog posts.

So, Bryan used OptinMonster to redirect users to a quality post that received plenty of engagement but was perhaps buried by new content, as it was an older piece.

Using this clever technique, Bryan was receiving an impressive conversion rate of 2.8% on all readers with his popup because he was offering his best quality content.

Some other effective techniques Bryan encouraged were:

  • Creating a downloadable PDF of loner posts for viewers to download
  • Designing an infographic of data-heavy posts for easier readability
  • Recording your post as a podcast to share
  • Recording your post as a Youtube video to share

6. Exit intent technique

When Bryan incorporated the exit intent technique to his website using OptinMonster’s exit intent technology, conversions increased to over 6.5%.

What is the exit intent, you may ask? Well, the exit intent allows readers to browse and engage with your website hassle-free until they go to leave your website, that is.

When their cursor leaves the typical browser viewing area of the website, the pop-up will encourage the browser to add their email address, redirecting them to another quality blog post that may interest them.

To decide which blog post to redirect browsers to, Bryan checks Google Analytics to see which of his highest-traffic blog posts are.

By using this technique, readers can browse the website at their leisure without feeling hassled by a popup.

If they have an enjoyable user experience, by the time the exit intent pop up arrives they may feel compelled to enter their email address.

Then, once they’re redirected to another useful post they may be interested in staying on the website longer.

These tips and techniques are useful from Bryan Harris and show he’s not just compelled to advertise his tools.

If you want to learn more about how to use a particular tool, it may be worth browsing through the blog section of Growth Tools for advice.

7. Using to launch your online business's home page's home page

While Bryan’s tools, training, and videos help build a business, they may not be right for everyone.

For an alternative approach to launching your online business, here at we offer a full marketing platform designed for entrepreneurs and small business owners looking to sell their products online.

While Bryan’s offerings from Growth Tools presents effective tools, training, and advice for creating an online business, it doesn’t provide everything you need.

For entrepreneurs starting from scratch, an all-inclusive platform may be a better alternative to help you through every little part of the process.

No technical knowledge? No worries. The best bit is that anyone can use the platform with ease, even if they’ve never created a website before.

Want to create an email list? We’ve got you covered.

Fancy launching a blog on your website? We can help you there too. offers everything you could need to sell online with an easy-to-use platform that allows you to:

  • Create entire sales funnels
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  • Send unlimited emails
  • Launch your blog
  • Create membership sites
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