Jeff Walker: A Brutal and Honest Review

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So, you have some sort of idea on a business you’d like to launch. You might be unsure about what steps to take or what to do. When that happens, many people look towards a coach or mentor to guide them on the path of success.

What many people don’t realize is, a lot of coaches and mentors have never actually achieved the level of success you want for themselves.

There are a million free resources out there on Youtube and podcast networks to help people start and grow their businesses.

On your search for coaches, you might have stumbled upon Jeff Walker’s - Product Launch Formula. Jeff is a pretty big name in the business and entrepreneurship coaching realm.

He's worked with people like Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, and Bill Glazer. With a rap sheet like that, he’s got to be doing pretty well, right?

I wanted to dive deep into Jeff Walker and all his programs to see if he was offering anything different than the rest of the coaches out there. Let’s face it, most of what coaches do is regurgitate information they’ve heard elsewhere.

A lot of them charge thousands of dollars for weekend “masterminds” and all this crazy stuff that you don’t actually need to be successful.

Without further ado, let’s pick apart Jeff Walker like no one ever has before. Grab a cup of coffee and tuck in!

1. Who is Jeff Walker?

Jeff Walker

When you think of business coaches, you might think of people like Jay Abraham, Dean Graziosi, or Tony Robbins. These people have built a tremendous name for themselves in coaching mindset, leadership, startups, real estate, and more.

To be honest, I didn’t know who Jeff Walker was right away until I looked into some of his programs. He doesn’t have that star power popularity like some of these other big names do.

That said, he does have a specific niche. He focuses on helping online business owners launch so they can sell products, services, or whatever you might have to offer.

He’s also a number one New York Times Bestselling Author.

Jeff started publishing content online in 1996, but he didn’t have any idea how to sell online. He created what is now called the Product Launch Formula when he was a stay-at-home dad with two small children.

He launched his first online business from the babies changing room with a free newsletter that made it to 19 inboxes.

Jeff walker

Walker sent out tons of free content to his subscribers, and while he was gathering attention, he wasn’t making any money.

He wasn’t the salesy type, so he didn’t want to ask people to pay, but he knew he had to do something different.

Fast forward a bit, and he had a top-notch launching strategy, and he started to train other people on how to use it.

He was speaking on stages and getting a ton of great results from his followers.

He started at a time where launching an online product or service was a new trend, while now we see it all the time.

This product launch formula led to a huge wave of home-based entrepreneurs making millions from launching courses and products.

So let’s pull back the curtain a little bit. Jeff says he worked a corporate job, but he left it to become a stay at home dad at a time when the internet was minimally impactful.

If we dive a bit deeper, we discover that Jeff was somewhat of a pioneer in this realm.

Many reviews online continue to state that he is responsible for a lot of email sequences, course launching strategies, and digital products we have today.

If you’re interested in learning from a coach, why not choose the one who paved the way for every other coach following after? It seems like a winning strategy to me.

2. How can the Jeff Walker - Product Launch Formula benefit you?

Product Launch Formula

Product Launch Formula

Since this program is directed towards launches, it would work best if you have a digital product or service to launch. If you’re struggling with systems and procedures, I would believe this would be a great option for you.

During my research, I found that a lot of people like how organized the program teaches you to be. It shows you how to have the most organized launch possible, which leads to fewer bottlenecks and mistakes made throughout the whole process.

When you’re not making mistakes and losing money during your launch, you’re more likely to convert more leads, more sales, and generate better results for your customers or clients.

So, who is the Jeff Walker - Product Launch Formula, not for? Well, it's not for people who think that a program is going to change their life.

I cannot tell you how many course communities I’ve been a part of in the past, and people get upset when they don’t make ten grand the second week into the course.

You should understand that there is no get rich quick scheme with anything and it all requires a lot of work.

The program is great, but it relies entirely on what you do with it. If you take the course and expect to make a ton of money without any work, you’ll fall flat on your face.

That said, if you have a product or service to launch, but you don’t know where to start, the Product Launch Formula might be a decent place to look.

3. What separates Jeff Walker from the other “Gurus” ?

Here’s a big question that a lot of people ask. What is so special about this guy? What makes him any different from the thousands of other “coaches” out there?

The short answer is not much. He is a lot like every other coach in the game today, but he does have one advantage. He is a bit of a pioneer.

Look at it this way; you have a great reason to feel skeptical about coaches and mentors because there is so much garbage out there.

Someone makes $1,000 online and thinks they can show you how to make $100,000 this year. I’m with you, and I think it’s horrible.

Is Jeff Walker one of those coaches? Absolutely, 100% not. He is a seasoned veteran in this realm, and he’s been in the game for more than 20 years.

He paved the way for digital product launches, and as I’ve said, I don’t think the online space would be the same without him in it.

I will clarify one thing. You can have the best coach in the world, but it doesn’t matter if everything else doesn’t line up.

For example, if you’re trying to sell a bad product to the wrong audience, it won’t matter what program and system you take because you’ll fall on your face.

The main thing that separates Jeff Walker is he focuses entirely on launches. Many courses teach a lot of things, and they cram it all into a few modules.

His programs have a lot of content, but they all focus on the same thing, which makes it easier to digest and apply.

4. A deeper look into the Jeff Walker - Product Launch Formula

Product Launch Formula contents

PLF's curriculum

Now that we’ve laid the groundwork, let's talk more about the Product Launch Formula itself. What will you learn inside, and why should you consider purchasing it?

4.1. Loads of content

Loads of content

For starters, this program contains a lot of content. It is thorough and covers everything from A to Z. Something I like is Jeff Walker’s teaching style.

I think he’s calm, easy to understand, and he assembles the information in a way that makes it easy to absorb.

In some of his modules, he's standing there and talking to the camera while drawing on a whiteboard. It’s almost like having a strategy session with someone.

Since he’s drawing on the whiteboard, he’s bringing to life what he's visualizing, which is helpful if you are slower to understand points.

It would be more difficult if he were just talking to the camera because you wouldn’t have those visuals to back it up.

In some of the other videos, he gets more involved and shows you examples of putting his strategy into work.

He’ll show you his screen with different videos and specific examples of how you can use this in your business.

When he shows you what other people did who took the course, it makes it easy to understand how you can apply the same principles in your business.

4.2. Multiple launch styles

launch styles

He also stresses the fact that there are many types of launches and why you need to understand that point.

You can launch anything. Most of the time, you only ever hear people talk about launching a course or a startup, but there is way more than that.

Walker teaches how to launch a book, coaching, mastermind, programs, physical products, and more. I’ve seen stories where people used the Product Launch Formula to start children's game businesses.

The opportunities are endless, and anyone can use this strategy to launch just about anything you want.

4.3. Drip content

I find this program strategy to be like a double-edged sword. I’ve never been a fan of courses that require you to wait to unlock new modules.

I’ve always liked to go at my own pace and absorb the material as I want. Some people will take in certain modules faster and others slower. I dislike when course creators make you wait.

On the other side, this program needs to hold off from allowing you to binge it. You’ll have so much content to work with and tasks to complete as you’re going through that you won’t feel like you have nothing to do.

You get a new module each week with plenty of smaller bonus content throughout the week.

One of the best things about the content he provides is that he shares a lot of examples.

Walker shows plenty of example copy like emails and sales pages to show you what he and other success stories have done as a result of the course.

He breaks down his email sequence so you can understand each step from day one through day 100.

5. How quickly can you start implementing Jeff’s teachings?

implementing Jeff’s teachings


I think you could start using the things you’ve learned immediately. One of the great things about this program is that it gives you tasks to complete along the way.

Many courses that I’ve taken in the past don’t do that. They provide you with the information you want, but then they drop you off and leave you with nothing.

Jeff does a great job of offering actionable steps the whole way through, so you never feel like you don’t know what to do next.

6. How much does the Product Launch Formula cost?

how much does it cost

How much does it cost

The price may vary, and he only opens and closes the program periodically, so this may change when you’re reading it. In the past, the entire thing went for around $2,000, so I would expect it to stay within that range.

You might be thinking, “boy, that’s expensive,” but keep in mind. He’s teaching a lot of people how to launch their own courses and programs that probably cost around the same price, if not more.

The upfront cost might be intimidating, but it makes sense for everything you get.

7. What other programs/training does Jeff Walker offer?

It’s great that Jeff Walker offers such a comprehensive and intricate program, but what else does he offer?

There should be upsell and downsell options for people who aren’t looking to spend a bunch of money. If you want to take your business to the next level, there should be an option for you as well.

7.1. Launch (book)

Jeff Walker's book

Jeff Walker's book

If you’re looking to get your feet wet without going all-in, you could pick up a copy of Walker’s number one New York Times Best Selling book, Launch.

This book will help you build your business quicker, whether you’re sitting on an idea or waiting to implement it into the market.

Walker calls Launch a treasure map into the online business world. He says that it unleashes the secrets of the digital world and shows you how these entrepreneurs can generate such extreme cashflow with business launches.

I see this book as a lead magnet because he offers it for free through his website, but it retails for $18 elsewhere. If you go through the website, he’ll give it to you for free if you pay shipping.

Many marketers use this strategy to draw you in with a basic offer and then persuade you to buy into other products down the road.

The book essentially acts as a springboard to the Product Launch Formula.

7.2. LaunchCon

LaunchCon programs

Jeff Walker's conference

If you’re looking to step things up a notch, you may want to get involved in one of Jeff Walker’s mastermind programs called LaunchCon.

Registration is currently closed, and there is limited information available online about the mastermind, but I believe it would be something like an empowerment seminar.

The subject matter and teachings are light, but you’re more there for the mental and motivation side of business launching. I’m sure the cost of LaunchCon varies depending on the venue and location.

8. Does he offer anything for free?

Free offer

Offer for free

One way to tell an honest business person from a dishonest one is in their free offerings. Some people are always expecting a return on everything they do, and they never take any time to offer free help.

Gary Vaynerchuk is a great example of someone who offers a lot of free value upfront. You get daily Youtube videos, phone calls, DMs, meetings, and so on.

He puts a lot of content out there for free with the thought that it will make him more money on the back end, and I’m sure it has.

8.1. Blog articles


For starters, he offers a lot of vlogs and blog articles on his website. It looks like he’s pretty active in there, too, and he contributes around two or three pieces of content per week.

These free content sources are a great way for you to decide if the Product Launch Formula would be something of interest to you.

You can take in a lot of his free content, get a feel for his message, and see if you’d be willing to shell out some money to grow or start your business.

8.2. Podcasts

Launch Life podcast

Launch Life podcast

Walker also has a podcast called Launch Life. I listened to an episode, and overall, it’s great content. Once again, it’s more geared towards the mental and development stages of business rather than applicable steps.

He’s not giving away the treasure right off the bat, let's put it that way. He’s teasing a lot of content to make listeners and readers interested in getting more.

That said, the podcast is great for attitude and mentality, and he does offer quite a bit of free value upfront, which says a lot.

9. Is it necessary to have a coach to launch a business?

Now you might be asking yourself, is all of this necessary? Do I need a $2,000 program to launch my business. You have a lot to worry about already when it comes to finances, should you have to add something else on top of it?

The answer is, a big astounding NO. You don’t need a fancy coach with a big program to teach you how to start a business.

Does it help a lot of people?

Absolutely, but I realize that most people starting a business don’t have that kind of money. A lot of individuals starting online businesses are looking to scrape and scrounge their way to the top, and that doesn’t include a $2,000 program.

That said, having the right tools on your side never hurts, and you do need to get organized.

When you’re first launching your business, you need software to help organize your leads, market to them, promote your offer, and keep everything together in one place. allows you to do all of that and more. Our software ensures that you have a comprehensive marketing platform where you can grow your business, all with one piece of software.

Best of all, we offer a completely free plan, so you can try out our amazing platform without any credit card info! Let’s get to work launching that new business of yours.

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