Best Builderall Alternative In 2020

The Best Builderall Alternative You’ll Find in 2020

There are so many elements involved in selling products online and digitally marketing one’s business

Whether you’re a seasoned business vet or a fresh new entrepreneur, just about anyone would agree on this fact.

At an absolute minimum, business owners will need a website, web hosting, an adequate sales funnel creator, and an email service platform

If you really want to shine and bring in lots of sales, there are even more elements to consider, such as affiliate programs, chatbots, and online video webinars.

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to access all of the tools and software you need to create and implement all of these elements. 

And managing multiple tools can be quite a nightmare, both financially and technically

Using multiple platforms for marketing also means you will need more logins and have to endure more learning curves, which can reduce productivity

We certainly don’t want that.

This is where Builderall comes in as a heavy hitter in the world of website building and sales funnel building software

It’s an all-in-one platform that promises “to be the last marketing tool you’ll ever need.” 

That’s a heavy claim to make.

So what exactly is Builderall? Is it really as good as it claims to be?

Builderall has its own ups and downs. 

One excellent alternative to Builderall is, a similar all-in-one platform for marketing.

In this guide, we’ll be exploring how Builderall and compare, their pros and cons, and why can be an even better platform for your digital marketing and website-building needs.

First, let’s outline exactly what Builderall and are, as well as their key features.

1. Builderall vs Which is better?

It’s worth noting that while Builderall and have similar premises (all-in-one marketing software), they are still significantly different platforms that do different things. 

There may be some use cases where one is preferable over the other

For the sake of brevity, we’ll be looking at how both platforms stack up as tools for building websites and marketing digitally

These are the two most common uses for both platforms.

1.1. What is Builderall?

Builderall logo

Builderall logo

Builderall is an all-in-one page building and funnel creating platform that was created by Erick Salgado around 2011. 

The platform itself has seen many updates and versions. Builderall boasts itself as a digital marketing platform.

Essentially, Builderall is simply numerous marketing tools combined into one single platform. 

The main tools include the Canvas Funnel Builder (used for mapping and create whole sales funnels with a drag-and-drop editor), the Pixel Perfect Builder (another drag-and-drop builder that makes it possible to build websites and landing pages without coding knowledge), and Mailing Boss (an email autoresponder tool.) 

Of course, these three main features are just a few major tools in Builderall’s arsenal.

As of January 2020, there are twenty-seven additional tools included in the platform.

Other key features of Builderall include:

  • Dedicated servers.
  • Wide variety of templates.
  • Heat mapping.
  • Floating video creation.
  • Animated video tools.
  • App creation.
  • Script generators and on-page SEO.
  • Membership websites and blog building.

Builderall’s pricing plans have quite a lot of variety as well

You can use the platform for free and access the drag-and-drop website builder and funnel builder with limited features. 

The Builder plan is $19.90 per month, the Marketer plan is $29.90 per month, the Essential plan is $49.90 per month, and the Premium plan is $69.90 per month

A couple of Builderall reviews from Trustpilot include the following:

“Builderall truly is the only claimable All-In-One Digital Marketing Platform on the web!

The others failed in their claim as they only have max 4 to 5 tools and not covering most of the elements required for Digital Marketing.” - Willian Siong

“As a former struggling web and funnel designer I was trying to breakthrough in affiliate marketing but simply couldn’t afford the monthly marketing expenses of using other tools to build my business… Thanks to Builderall I was able to shrink my monthly marketing expenses and reinvest that money into things that produce results…” - Barbie Figueroa

“I've been trying to get support to help me, on multiple things, every time they take days to get me any form of help, and usually they don't have any clue what I'm talking about.” - Cody Wooten

1.2. What is logo logo

Like Builderall, is an all-in-one marketing platform

Through, you can create new sales funnels, write email campaigns, send email campaigns (as well as automate emails), and do everything else you may want to do with one single platform for marketing.

The team behind understands that business owners and entrepreneurs of all technical skills and experience levels need tools that are extremely easy to master.

With this in mind, the overall design of focuses on user experience and ease of use.

A few key features of include:

  • Quick and easy sales funnel creation with a drag-and-drop editor.
  • Full email marketing tools, from email creation to automated email sending.
  • Membership site creation.
  • Webinar creation and hosting.
  • Top-tier customer support. Your questions will be answered in a day or less.
  • Send newsletters and automate followup emails.
  • Online course creation and organizing.
  • Blog creation and launching.
  • Affiliate program creation and management.
  • Affordable pricing plans. currently offers three different plans

These include the startup plan for $27 per month, the webinar plan for $47 per month, and the enterprise plan for $97 per month.

Some user reviews for (originally in French) include the following:

“Simple, very intuitive. Easy creation of sales funnels and capture pages.” - Danielle Ségas

“A fantastic software that allows a multitude of tasks in a short time and a top affiliate program. Bravo!” - Gregory Lesieur

“I use on a daily basis, it got into my habits. And everything is so simple and intuitive, that I forget the hours, weeks, months of work and puzzle that hide behind this simplicity. So, thank you, thank you, thank you all for allowing us to use such a simple, awesome, effective tool at such an affordable rate!” - Olivier Ranocha

1.3. How does work?

How does it work

The main dashboard space is used to give you a snapshot of new leads and any new payments that you’ve received in the last month or so.

From the dashboard’s right sidebar, you can see all of your live updates

These updates present information about your leads, contacts, and recent payments alow with their date, time, and respective funnel. This can help users get a feel for what funnels are bringing in the most leads.

From the top dropdown navigation menu, you can further explore your contacts, funnels, blogs, automation rules, product sales, and admin accounts. You can also easily contact support through the top navigation menu as well.

Through the affiliate dashboard, you can access information about the leads sent, your total lifetime earnings as an affiliate, a snapshot of your earning, and a filter for your earnings dates.

Through your contacts dashboard, you will be able to explore all of the valuable emails, phone numbers, names, and conversion sources for your contacts and customers.

The funnel section is where you will access the funnel builder to create all of the funnels and lead magnets you need.

There are tons of other points of interest for users to explore, but the only way to really get a feel for what does is to try it out for yourself. currently offers a fourteen-day free trial for potential customers that requires no credit card to use

Through this trial, you will have more than enough time to explore all of the fantastic elements and features of and get past the (relatively small) learning curve. With no risk involved, why wait?'s dashboard's dashboard

1.4. The pros of Builderall

Builderall has a number of significant benefits as a page builder and marketing tool.

  • Excellent Canvas Funnel Builder with pre-made templates.
  • Pixel Perfect Builder makes it easy to modify and touch up the pages Builderall generates in a single editor.
  • The platform itself is constantly updating. While many SaaS products tend to get a bit lazy with their updates, Builderall’s team is constantly looking for ways to improve each release and create new useful features.
  • Excellent affiliate program.
  • Somewhat affordable pricing.

Builderall is great on its own, but also has its own unique features.

1.5. The pros of has a wide range of very useful features, including:

  • All-in-one spot for all marketing tools.
  • Wide variety of tools without being overwhelming.
  • Unlimited memberships, file storage, email sending, and funnels.
  • It can help its users reach their target audience on a broader scale.
  • No coding or technical skills required to use.
  • Create highly-structured classes and webinars with a Webinar plan.
  • Email and task automation.
  • Multilingual support.
  • Has a very minimal learning curve, which can be overcome during the free two-week trial.
  • Full marketing automation.
  • Easily build landing pages, sales pages, squeeze pages, and more.
  • Custom domain connection.
  • Access to up to 5,000 email subscribers.
  • Affiliate program capabilities.
  • Up to three membership sites.
  • Sale stats and enrollment stats.
  • Similar pricing options as Builderall, though just slightly more expensive.
  • Top-tier custom support.
  • One-on-one training for up to an hour to aid in initial use.

Now that we know what the pros of Builderall and are, lets move on to some cons or downfalls of each platform.

1.6. The cons of Builderall

Unfortunately for Builderall, some of the platform’s features aren’t as pristine as you’d expect.

While Builderall does boast a ton of tools, none of those tools are the best of their kind. They work, but they aren’t the best at what they do. For example, their chatbot pales in comparison to tools like Manychat.

Clumsy user interface (UI.)

Some features are almost impossible to master, and while there are tutorials online, some features of Builderall lack adequate tutorials.

Inconsistent and clunky user experience (UX.)

Difficult to approach and very difficult to get used to at first. If Builderall focused more on a handful of key tools, it would be much more approachable for beginners. 

Unfortunately, Builderall packs in so many tools and features that looking at the dashboard for the first time can be legitimately terrifying. 

Many reviewers of the platform have noted that they have ended their membership in the same day because of the intimidating and overwhelming nature of the platform.

We want to be honest about the benefits of our platform. 

For the sake of rapport and establishing ourselves as a trustworthy brand, we’re going to talk about some aspects of we know could be improved.

1.7. The cons of has some downfalls, including:

  • While we’re working on improving our design flexibility, what we currently offer is a little bit limited.
  • In order to create webinars, you’ll need a webinar plan, which is more expensive than the standard plan.
  • There is a slight learning curve can be seen as a con, though it is not nearly as intense as Builderall’s intimidating learning curve.
  • Currently, there are not as many templates available as Builderall. (We’ll explain why this isn’t so much of a con in the next section.
  • Builderall is slightly cheaper than

So, we know the pros and cons of both Builderall and What exactly should be done now? 

Let’s look in a bit more depth about why is an excellent alternative to Builderall and exactly where our platform picks up Builderall’s slack.

1.8. Where does pick up Builderall’s slack?'s home page's home page

Both Builderall and have a significant variety of excellent features that make it possible to create and manage a powerful online presence as a brand

While both platforms could easily become the next Clickfunnels, it’s important to look at what exactly has that Builderall doesn’t.

To start, is a little more user-friendly. What it lacks in features compared to Builderall, the more it makes up for in general user experience

The learning curve for is slight and it will only take a day or so to get a grip on.

Builderall, though loaded with excellent features, is a bit overwhelming and cramped, making it difficult to master.

Builderall’s tendency to pack in lots of features may seem like an advantage over, but there are many features that Builderall has that there are few use cases for

It would be much more beneficial if users had to option to add on additional options at their convenience, rather than deal with being bombarded by all of Builderall’s features upon subscribing. 

While has fewer features, just about every feature included has a use case for just about every niche out there

The only features that may have fewer use cases are the class builder and webinar creator-- which require their own specific membership to access anyway.

Builderall as a platform lacks a smooth interface and still has quite a significant number of bugs that have yet to be addressed. 

Just as well, some of the features (such ass the app builder) are very difficult to master

Builderall does have an extensive community of users with their own tutorials, but it would be much more convenient if their features were simply accessible and easy to figure out from the get-go. 

This is where has another advantage over Builderall.

There’s the issue of having fewer templates than Builderall. 

However, makes up for this minor flaw with the customization enrollment page feature, where users can interact with experts to create a top-tier landing page or sales page with ease.

When it comes down to it, is ideal for business owners and entrepreneurs who want to create online courses and webinars, need automation features, and want to avoid steep learning curves.

Even if lacks the volume of features that Builderall has, it is much easier to master

Quality over quantity! has thousands of customers in France who have used and enjoyed our platform, and we believe our English-speaking clients will find similar satisfaction with their use cases. 

With its ease of use, low monthly price, and rich features, can become a major part of your business marketing endeavors. has all the features any type of business needs to launch, in one easily accessible place. 

Integrating Builderall with other platforms is costly and can hinder production. With, you get all the benefits of digital marketing software in one simple place.


Are you convinced that is the best Builderall alternative for building websites, web pages, and sales funnels? 

Want to learn more about what can do for your business or freelancing efforts? 

Sign up for a free trial today (with no credit card required) to get a hands-on feel for how works. You’ll be glad you did!

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