How To Cancel ClickFunnels ?

How to cancel clickFunnels ?

Even the best tools have their problems

The same goes for ClickFunnels.

And if the time has come for you to say goodbye to this tool, you might find the process of canceling your ClickFunnels account confusing.

Today, I’m going to show you how to cancel ClickFunnels - trial and account. 

And after you’ve canceled it, I’ll also show you a great alternative you can use to give your sales a boost with a highly-efficient sales funnel.

Let’s dive in!

1. How to cancel ClickFunnels ?

ClickFunnels logo

ClickFunnels logo

Look, ClickFunnels may have been one of the first online sales funnel builders, but it’s definitely no longer the only option, nor is it the best.

I’ve covered plenty of cons in my ClickFunnels review a while back, so if you’re facing some of these problems, rest assured you’re not the only one:

  • Pricing: You can get started for $97/month, but if you want to use email marketing and automation (crucial aspects for increasing the effectiveness of your sales funnels), you’ll have to upgrade to the $297/month plan
  • ClickFunnels is a Jack of all trades; there are plenty of features, but none are explored in greater depth
  • ClickFunnels puts function above form, and often, that results in less than aesthetically pleasing pages that could put your audience off
  • No Dunning management, or PayPal support for one-click upsells

So yes, these are all absolutely valid reasons to cancel your ClickFunnels account.

And no, these problems don’t happen with every all-in-one marketing platform. 

ClickFunnels is pretty much riding on its reputation to hike the pricing, when in reality, other sales funnel builders like and Kartra have come much farther.

Additionally, ClickFunnels just isn’t enough to scale.

It provides the features you need to get your business up and running, but the more you grow, the more you’ll be suffocated by the lack of options.

In due time, you’ll be forced to pay for additional tools to create a marketing stack, which defeats the purpose of an all-in-one service.

I know, I’ve been there.

And here’s what you have to do to cancel ClickFunnels, depending on where you are in their sales funnel at the moment:

1.1. Export your ClickFunnels data

Before we get to canceling your ClickFunnels account, it’s important for you to back-up your customer data.

Once you cancel your account, your data will be lost.

You’re probably going to switch to another platform, so you don’t want all your effort to go to waste. 

And no, you won’t be given the option to export your data once in the process of canceling your account.

So before doing anything, select the funnel you’d like to export contacts from.

Then, hit the “Contacts” tab.

If you’ve been using CF for a while, choose the time range from which you want to export contacts.

Finally, click “Download contacts.”

Then, you’ll get an email with a .csv sheet attached.

This is a universally recognized file format, so you’ll be able to plug it into your new software and keep all your contacts even after you cancel your ClickFunnels account.

Alternatively, if you’ve got multiple funnels, you can also download your ClickFunnels information by:

  • Navigating to the “ClickFunnels” tab in the main menu
  • Selecting “Contacts”
  • Choosing the date range
  • Clicking on “Download Contacts”

If you just want your email contacts, then:

  • Go to the “Follow-Up Funnels” tab in the main menu
  • Select “Email Lists”
  • Choose the email list and the date range
  • Click “Download contacts”

And now that your data is safe, it’s time to get to canceling!

1.2. How to cancel ClickFunnels trial ?

Clickfunnels cancel account

First, you’re going to log in to your account, and then select “Account Settings” in the drop-down menu on your right.

From there, navigate to the Account Billing tab on the left.

If you want to cancel ClickFunnels, select the “Cancel My Subscription” button

You’ll see a survey pop-up, as well as a message from Russell Brunson, the founder. 

Choose one of the options why you’re leaving CF, and click “Cancel my subscription.”

Next up, you’ll be offered to join their affiliate program and make money promoting ClickFunnels, or get free training. 

Just keep going down the page, and choose between two options: cancel or pause your ClickFunnels account.

cancel or pause your ClickFunnels account

Now, here’s the difference between canceling and pausing your account, and one of the main reasons why I wouldn’t use ClickFunnels: your information and your leads are lost once you cancel your account.

Fortunately, we’ve backed them up earlier on in the process, but it’s still a hassle. 

Personally, I’d like for ClickFunnels to offer a quick export option at this stage, but what can y’a do?

After choosing “Cancel my account,” your trial will be canceled, and you won’t be charged.

1.3. How to cancel ClickFunnels account ?

Account billing and subscription

The process for canceling your ClickFunnels account is pretty much the same as canceling your free trial. 

Just follow the steps I outlined in the previous section.

Don’t forget to back-up and export your data!

If you choose the “Pause my ClickFunnels account” option, you’ll be downgraded to a $9.99/mo subscription, so you’re still being charged for them to keep your account and your information.

However, your funnels won’t stay live. You’ll get to keep them, your pages, and your subdomains, though.

If you cancel, all of that goes away so again, I really recommend backing up everything you can, especially contacts. 

For pages and websites, you can take a screenshot.

You’ll get much better templates and conversion optimization templates with the best ClickFunnels alternative:

2. the best ClickFunnels alternative logo logo

Once you’re free of ClickFunnels, it’s time to find the next best platform that will take the headache out of creating funnels and selling your products.

And when it comes to all-in-one marketing platforms, nothing is as powerful as

2.1. Why is the best sales funnel builder ?

A squeeze page built with

A squeeze page built with

Similarly to ClickFunnels, you can visually build your website, your landing pages, and your entire sales funnel with

First, you can pick from a gallery of templates. offers funnels of all kinds; from funnels made specifically to get webinar registrations, to funnels for physical products, and more.

Create a new funnel

After you pick your template, it’s all a matter of dragging & dropping, and customization.

You can flesh out your entire sales funnel by dragging the steps you want to include.

For example, your sales funnel could start with a landing page, after which you’ll send an email with your lead magnet to your lead.

From there, you can personalize your email marketing content, monitor how leads behave on your site, and create an experience that caters to their unique needs.

This is completely automated, of course.

Once you realize what your typical customer journey looks like, you can personalize at scale for hundreds and thousands of leads at once.

2.2. replaces website hosting's funnel's funnel

When you sign up for, you don’t need website hosting. Or a website designer, for that matter.

Since you can use the visual drag and drop editor, you can create beautiful and fast websites, landing pages, sales pages, and even squeeze pages for affiliate marketing.

creating a custom funnel

You’re getting unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited emails, funnels, and blogs - even in the first plan.

2.3. Email marketing: the key to a successful sales funnel confirmation email also has advanced email marketing features, so it completely replaces other tools like MailChimp and ConvertKit.

You can:

  • Onboard leads to your mailing list
  • Assign specific tags
  • Create automation sequences with triggers and events

For example, if a lead clicks on a particular page on your site, you can queue up an email immediately

Similarly, you can completely automate following up with leads, to make sure you give them a great onboarding experience.

After all, welcome emails have an average open rate of 50-60%, much higher than any other kind of email.

And since takes care of your sales funnel in its entirety, you can simply add the right email sequences to your funnel and convert leads while you sleep.

2.4. Simple automation

trigger automation

A sales funnel isn’t a sales funnel if you can’t automate it.

And when it comes to automation, you get plenty of options for conditions, triggers, and events.

Other tools usually make automation so hard that you decide to just throw your hands up in the air and say:I give up!

But since is visual, and extremely user friendly, you can get everything set up on the front-end. 

Even if you have no tech experience.

Automation rules

You can create automation rules with triggers and actions.

Trigger is something that your lead or customer does. Action is how you react to it.

For example, you can set up an automation rule such as:

  • If your lead fills out your form, will send an email with the lead magnet
  • If your customer registers to a webinar, will enroll them in a course
  • If your lead buys your product, will automatically assign a behavioral tag (“First purchase”) to their profile

And so on!

So not only is a sales funnel builder and an email automation software, but it also works as a customer relationship management software.

In due time, you’ll be able to create complete customer profiles so you can personalize your offer for every customer - without having to do it manually.

2.5. Start your membership site with online courses and webinars

create a membership site makes it really easy to create a membership site!

If you want to make money packaging and selling your knowledge with courses and webinars, all you have to do is select the right funnel and upload your content to

So no, you don’t have to pay for GoToWebinar or any other membership site service. You can host all your materials on

You can:

  • Use video and written content
  • Drip content, if you want your students to progress gradually
  • Automatically enroll students, follow-up with them, and up-sell to them

Since everything is tightly integrated within the automation ecosystem, every part of your business will be optimized to convert even more leads and customers.

And no matter the plan you select, you can provide access to as many members as you want.

2.6. Increase your order value's funnel

Selling just one product is great, but selling multiple products and increasing your average order value is even better. comes with great value optimization features:

  • 1-click up-sells (offer your customers another product at the checkout)
  • Order bumps (offer complementary products at the checkout)
  • Coupon codes

And more!

Since 40% of store revenue comes from repeat customers, makes it really easy to increase your bottom line on auto-pilot.

2.7. A/B test your landing pages

A/B test

A/B tests are one of the most important parts of conversion optimization.

Just imagine - you change your headline, and suddenly you experience an incredible sales boost!

But you shouldn’t split test your pages blindly.

With, you can easily (and coherently) A/B test your pages so you know exactly what works.

All you have to do is create another variation of your page, navigate to the A/B test portion of your dashboard, click “Start”, and watch the data pour in.

2.8. Dropshipping

In addition to being able to sell your digital products through, you can also sell physical products.

You can easily integrate your dropshipping tools with, and get started promoting your stuff

Sales funnels operate similarly, and since you’ll have the entire marketing machine at your fingertips, you can count on increased revenue.

2.9. Affiliate marketing with's affiliate dashboard's affiliate dashboard

Once you sign up for, you’ll get access to your affiliate dashboard.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to promote your products without paying in advance. 

Instead, you recruit affiliates, and pay them their commission only after they’ve successfully sold your products.

With affiliate marketing, you can easily:

  • Onboard new affiliates
  • Automate commissions payment
  • Provide your affiliates with specific materials
  • Pay lifetime commissions (if you’d like)
  • Offer your affiliate marketing program on marketplace

And more!

It’s really the easiest way to run an affiliate program. And the best part is: you don’t need a third-party tool. 

You don’t need a marketing tool stack.

You just need

3. Why is better than ClickFunnels ?

At the end of the day, the main goal of any business owner is to increase profits and reduce costs.

If you’re paying $297/month and dealing with glitches and features that just don’t cut it, you’re wasting more money - and more time.

This is why’s pricing is simple, and its features are powerful:'s pricing's pricing

Yep, you read that right - you can get everything ClickFunnels offers for $297/mo for just $27/mo with!

3.1. Features and ClickFunnels have in common

  • Website and landing page builder with templates
  • Sales funnel builder
  • Email marketing (Follow-up Funnels on ClickFunnels)
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Cart optimization

However, keep in mind that ClickFunnels has barely started exploring features like email marketing automation, while offers high-level, integrated automation for every aspect of your marketing.

3.2. Features specific to's dashboard's dashboard

  • Dropshipping support
  • Lead tagging / CRM
  • Blogging
  • Complete marketing automation
  • PayPal and Stripe integration
  • Powerful membership site features

And more!

4. Summary

At, we’re really proud of our community.

Our goal was to build the best all-in-one marketing tool on the market, and offer it at a reasonable price.

But an entrepreneur is only as skilled as their resources, so you’ll get plenty of opportunities to improve your knowledge through:

  • Online training videos
  • Knowledge base
  • Our blog

We’re constantly perfecting, as well, and adding new features that make it easy for online entrepreneurs to make money.

Our clients have made over $11,000,000 in sales, and we’re proud of every cent helped with!

It’s time to say goodbye to ineffective tools and high prices.

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