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You deserve the best, and if a tool no longer serves your needs, it’s time to let it go.

Today, we’re going to show you how to cancel your ClickFunnels free trial or account in just a few easy steps.

As a bonus, we’ll show you why is a great alternative that you can use to boost your sales by building powerful and highly efficient sales funnels.

Let’s get started!

1. How to cancel ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels’ logo

ClickFunnels' logo

ClickFunnels may have been one of the first online sales funnel builders — but that doesn’t mean it’s the best.

With so many tools to choose from these days, the odds are that you’ll find something better suited to your business needs.

In our in-depth review of ClickFunnels, we explored some problems users have to deal with including:

  • Pricing: You can get started for $97/month, but you’re limited to 100 pages and 20 funnels. This severely limits your business’ scalability. For unlimited sales funnels and access to follow-up funnels, which is crucial for conversion rate optimization (CRO), you’ll need to upgrade to the $297/month plan
  • Jack of all trades: There are plenty of features, but none are explored in greater depth — ClickFunnels is a sales funnel builder, and that’s what they do best
  • Limited customization: ClickFunnels is built for utility, not beauty. It allows for some customization, but the options are limited
  • Less than satisfactory customer service: They have a library of documents and a chatbot on the website; however, getting access to a human being for assistance can be a complicated process
  • Buggy software: ClickFunnels software bugs and glitches can cost you money. When it becomes a common occurrence, it might be time to move on

While ClickFunnels may have some of the tools to get you started, it’s definitely not ideal for startups or people new to online marketing.

ClickFunnels’ limited offering doesn’t allow you to scale your business.

You’ll need a lot of third-party integrations once your business starts growing, which defeats the purpose of an all-in-one marketing tool.

ClickFunnels is currently one of the most popular tools in the online marketing industry, and it’s using that reputation to hike its prices.

However, other alternatives, like, have a lot more to offer for far less.

So, if you’ve decided that it’s time to move on to something better, let’s look at the process of canceling your ClickFunnels account.

1.1. Export your ClickFunnels data

Before you cancel your ClickFunnels account, you should back-up your customer data.

ClickFunnels won’t give you the option to export your data once you’re in the process of canceling your account.

Once you cancel your account, you’ll no longer be able to access your data either, and all the information you’ve worked so hard for will be lost.

Building an email list is vital for your business and it takes time — losing that could set you back months.

Since you’re probably going to switch to another platform, you don’t want all your effort to go to waste.

Export your ClickFunnels data


So, before you start canceling, you’ll want to first do the following:

  • Select the funnel you’d like to export contacts from
  • Hit the “Contacts” tab
  • Choose the time range from which you want to export contacts
  • Finally, click “Download contacts”

You’ll get an email with a .csv sheet attached.

This is a universally recognized file format, so you’ll be able to plug it into your new software and keep all your contacts even after you cancel your ClickFunnels account.

Exporting contacts


Alternatively, if you’ve got multiple funnels, you can also download your ClickFunnels information by:

  • Navigating to the “ClickFunnels” tab in the main menu
  • Selecting “Contacts”
  • Choosing the date range
  • Clicking on “Download Contacts”


If you just want your email contacts, then:

  • Go to the “Follow-Up Funnels” tab in the main menu
  • Select “Email Lists”
  • Choose the email list and the date range
  • Click “Download contacts”

And now that your data is safe, it’s time to cancel your account!

1.2. How to cancel a ClickFunnels trial

How to cancel a ClickFunnels trial


ClickFunnels has a 14-day free trial, but you need to provide credit card details when you sign up.

To avoid paying for the plan, you need to cancel your account within 24 hours before your free trial ends.

First, you’re going to log into your account and then select “Account Settings” in the drop-down menu on your right.

From there, navigate to the “Account Billing tab” on the left.

If you want to cancel ClickFunnels, select the “Cancel My Subscription” button.

You’ll see a survey pop-up, as well as a message from Russell Brunson, the founder.

Choose one of the options for why you’re leaving ClickFunnels, and click “Cancel My Subscription.”

Next up, you’ll be offered to join their affiliate program and make money promoting ClickFunnels or get free training.

Just keep going down the page, and choose between these two options: cancel or pause your ClickFunnels account.

cancel or pause your ClickFunnels account


The difference between canceling and pausing your account is that your information and your leads are lost once you cancel your account.

Fortunately, we’ve backed them up earlier on in the process, but it’s still a hassle.

After choosing “Cancel My Account,” your trial will be canceled, and you won’t be charged.

1.3. How to cancel a ClickFunnels account

How to cancel a ClickFunnels account


The process for canceling your ClickFunnels account is pretty much the same as canceling your free trial.

Just follow the steps outlined in the previous section — don’t forget to back up and export your data!

If you choose the “Pause my ClickFunnels account” option, you’ll be downgraded to a $9.99/month subscription.

You’re still being charged for ClickFunnels to store your account and your information.

You’ll get to keep your information, your pages, and your subdomains, but your funnels will be inactive.

If you cancel, you’ll lose access to everything — your information, your funnels, and your pages.

Make sure to back up everything you can, especially contacts, before canceling your account — we cannot stress this enough.

For pages and websites, you can take a screenshot.

You’ll get much better templates and conversion optimization templates with the best ClickFunnels alternative.

2. The best ClickFunnels alternative’s logo’s logo

After canceling ClickFunnels, you’ll find yourself in the market for a great platform to build sales funnels and make selling your products easy.

When it comes to all-in-one marketing platforms, nothing is as powerful as

Where ClickFunnels mainly focuses on sales funnels, has been designed to help you run every aspect of your business with ease.

2.1.’s sales funnel builder

With, you can visually build your website, landing pages, and sales funnels with an easy drag-and-drop editor and customizable templates.

Depending on your needs, you can build funnels to:

There’s also a custom option if you need a more specialized funnel.’s sales funnel builder’s sales funnel builder

Let’s build a sales funnel!

First, you pick from a gallery of templates.

Once you’re happy with the template, you can use the drag-and-drop editor to customize your funnel to your heart’s content.

Take a look at our library of articles on sales funnels, and do a little research on your specific sales funnel needs.

When you have a clear idea of what your audience is looking for, you can customize your sales funnel by simply adding or removing steps.

For example, your sales funnel could start with a landing page, followed by an email (with your lead magnet) to your lead.

From there, you can personalize email marketing content, monitor how your leads behave on your site, and use that information to create an experience that caters to their unique needs.

All of this is completely automated, of course.

Once you know what your typical customer journey looks like, you can easily personalize and scale for hundreds or even thousands of leads at once.

2.2. replaces website hosting

Hosting a webinar with

Hosting a webinar with

When you sign up for, you don’t need website hosting or a website designer.

With the visual drag-and-drop editor, you can easily create beautiful websites, landing pages, sales pages, and even squeeze pages for affiliate marketing.

And don’t worry, your website’s loading time will be fast. A website that takes forever to load will lose you sales, and we don’t want that.

With’s entry-level plan, you’re getting unlimited bandwidth as well as unlimited emails, funnels, and blogs.

Did we mention this plan is free?

2.3. Email marketing

Email marketing also has advanced email marketing features, so it completely replaces other tools like MailChimp and ConvertKit.

With, you can:

  • Onboard leads to your mailing list
  • Assign specific tags
  • Create automation sequences with triggers and events

For example, if a lead shows an interest in a specific product or feature by clicking on a particular page on your site, you can queue up an email tailored to the user’s interest.

Segmenting your email list and providing targeted emails to leads can improve your sales — it allows you to send potential customers product ideas and information that you know they’ll be interested in.

Similarly, you can completely automate follow-up emails to make sure you give your leads a great onboarding experience.

And since takes care of your sales funnel in its entirety, you can simply add the right email sequences to your sales funnel and convert leads while you sleep.

2.4. Simple automation’s automation rules’s automation rules

A sales funnel needs to be automated. Without automation, the sales funnel isn’t worth much.

When it comes to’s automation, you get plenty of options for conditions, triggers, and events.

If other tools have made you throw your hands up in the air and say, “I give up!”— fear not! is visual, extremely user-friendly, and allows you to set up everything on the front-end.

Even if you have no tech experience!

With, you can create automation rules with triggers and actions.

Specific activities on your site will trigger automated actions. These actions will then guide your leads and customers through your sales funnel.

Here are some examples of automation rules:

  • If your lead fills out a form, will send an email with the lead magnet
  • If your customer registers for a webinar, will enroll them in your course
  • If your lead buys your product, will automatically assign a behavioral tag (e.g. “First purchase”) to their profile

So not only is a sales funnel builder and email automation software, but it also works as customer relationship management (CRM) software.

Eventually, you’ll be able to create complete customer profiles and personalize your offer for every customer — without having to do it manually!

2.5. Sell membership sites, online courses, and webinars

Create online courses with

Create online courses with makes it really easy to create a membership site!

A membership site allows you greater control over what users have access to on your site.

You can give users access to everything or place exclusive members-only content behind a paywall.

Depending on your business model, a sense of exclusivity can work in your favor, so this is a very useful feature.

With, you can also make money from your expertise.

Package and sell your knowledge with online courses and webinars — all you have to do is select the right funnel and upload your content to

You don’t have to pay any extra fees or memberships for other services to run your courses and webinars — you can host all your materials on

You can:

  • Use video and written content
  • Drip content, if you want your students to progress gradually
  • Automatically enroll students, follow-up with them, and up-sell to them

Everything you need is integrated within the automation system.

That means every aspect of your business will be optimized to convert leads into customers.

It doesn’t matter what plan you choose — there’s no limit to the number of members on your site!

2.6. Increase your order value

Upsell orders with

Upsell orders with

Selling one product is great. However, selling more than one increases the average value of each order — and that’s fantastic. comes with great value optimization features, such as:

  • 1-click upsells — Offer your customers another product at checkout
  • Order bumps — Offer complementary products at checkout
  • Coupon codes — Run special offers on products
  • Paypal and Stripe integrations — Make payments hassle-free

Since 65% of store revenue comes from repeat customers, makes it really easy to increase your bottom line on auto-pilot.

2.7. A/B test your landing pages

Testing landing pages with

Testing landing pages with

A/B tests allow you to compare two different versions of your landing page against the original.

Considering that 70% of businesses that run A/B tests see an increase in sales, this is one conversion tool you definitely need to use!

Just imagine — you change your headline and suddenly you experience an incredible sales boost!

However, you shouldn’t split test your pages blindly.

With, you can easily (and coherently) A/B test your pages so you know exactly what works.

All you have to do is create another variation of your page, navigate to the A/B test portion of your dashboard, click “Start”, and watch the data pour in.


2.8. Dropshipping is not only for digital products — you can sell physical products too!

Whether you’re selling your original products or dropshipping someone else’s products, the sales funnels work the same.

Integrating your dropshipping tools with is easy.

Set up a sales funnel to guide your customer to the product and get started promoting your wares.

With the marketing machine at your fingertips, you can count on increased revenue.

2.9. Affiliate marketing with’s affiliate dashboard’s affiliate dashboard

Affiliate marketing is a great way to promote your products without paying in advance.

You only pay your affiliates’ commission after they successfully promote your product and land you a sale.

The more affiliates you have promoting your products, the better!

With the affiliate program, you can easily:

  • Onboard new affiliates
  • Automate commission payments
  • Provide your affiliates with specific materials
  • Pay lifetime commissions (if you’d like)
  • Offer your affiliate marketing program on the marketplace

It’s the easiest way to run an affiliate program!

You don’t need a third-party tool or a marketing tool stack — you just need

3. Why is better than ClickFunnels

At the end of the day, the main goal of any business owner is to increase profits and reduce costs.

If you’re paying $297/month and dealing with glitches and features that just don’t cut it, you’re wasting both money and time.’s pricing is simple, and its features are powerful:’s pricing plans’s pricing plans

Yep, you read that right — with, you can get unlimited everything for only $97/month.

So why pay ClickFunnels $297/month?

And you can get started for free — no credit card details required!

ClickFunnels is primarily a sales funnel builder.

However, the features you get from them are also available with

  • Website and landing page builder with templates
  • Sales funnel builder
  • Email marketing (Follow-up funnels in ClickFunnels)
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Cart optimization

The big difference? ClickFunnels has only recently started exploring features like email marketing automation., on the other hand, offers high-level, integrated automation for every aspect of your marketing.’s dashboard’s dashboard

When you start using, you get the same features as ClickFunnels and loads more:

  • Dropshipping support
  • Lead tagging / CRM
  • Blogging
  • Complete marketing automation
  • PayPal and Stripe integration
  • Powerful membership site features

With, you don’t need to use any extra platforms or tools to run your business.

After you’ve built your dream sales funnel, is there to help grow your business and increase your revenue.

4. Conclusion

We are really proud of our community.

Our goal was to build the best and most affordable all-in-one marketing tool out there — and we’ve succeeded!

The best entrepreneurs never stop learning, and with, you have plenty of opportunities to expand your knowledge and skillset through:

  • Online training videos to improve your business and marketing skills
  • Our community knowledge base where you can get answers to your questions
  • Our blog is constantly improving with new features to provide you with the best resources to help you grow your business.

Our clients have made over $11,000,000 in sales, and we’re proud of every cent that helped with!

It’s time to say goodbye to ineffective tools and high prices.

Get started with’s Freemium plan today, and watch your sales soar!

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